The 2019 Christian Writers Market Guide Is Here

The one constant about publishing is change. Each year, dozens of agents and editors move from one company to another, and others retire while new editors take their place. Magazines rethink their content focus. New freelance editors hang out their shingles. We have even had a major change in personnel in our own agency. Sending your query to the wrong person at an agency or a publisher is not the path to success.

So what do you do?

The answer is The Christian Writers Market Guide 2019 Edition. It is packed with over 1,000 updated entries about publishers, agents, editors, and other industry professionals. You have no idea how many publishing options there are until you hold all 480 pages in your hand.

The 2019 edition is carefully curated to help you advance your writing career.

See a sample section from a previous version of the Guide. (The layout is still the same, but the information is updated.)

The official publication date is today, December 15th. We are providing a link to below because they are selling the book at 30% off! Remember that Amazon could change their price at any moment, so act now to guarantee that yours will be shipped when it is in their warehouse. You can also order from your favorite retailer.

Get a Free Year of the ONLINE Version of the Guide

For 2019 we have a special deal running on the online edition. You can get one year online access free with the purchase of the print edition. A $25 value!

The advantage of the online version is that it is updated regularly throughout the year.

Simply email your receipt (or a photo of a paper receipt) to and you will receive a special coupon code.

I am confident you’ll find this version the most useful edition yet.

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    Laura December 19, 2018 at 12:24 pm #

    Those of you who have been doing this writing thing for a while may not remember what it was like to find out there’s a such thing as Christian fiction and even an entire guide for Christian writers.

    Well, I’m brand new to all of this and so excited to find this blog and all of the good resources and information. And I am generally unexcitable. When I bought my last car the salesman told me I would make a great poker player.

    Thanks, Steve and everyone!

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