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Fun Fridays – Nov. 16, 2012

It is likely you have seen the various parodies of the infamous scene of Hitler in a bunker in a rage. Because the clip is in German many people have had fun putting in their own English subtitles.

Today’s Fun Friday is the same scene, but this time Hitler is a frustrated author in a rage over the pending merger of Random House and Penguin.

The last subtitle is perfect.

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I Thought I Was Rich!

Recently I received a check in the mail. I opened the envelope, and discovered the amount that was larger than I anticipated. “This is great!” I thought. “Now I have a little extra to shore up my savings.”

I reached for another envelope in the stack of mail. It was from the insurance company. Upon opening, I discovered that, after I deducted income taxes, the premium consumed the entire amount of my perceived surplus. “Bummer! Bummer! BUMMER!” I thought. For thirty seconds, I was richer than I thought. And then within a flash, the money disappeared.

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News You Can Use – Nov. 13, 2012

HarperCollins Closes Two Warehouses – in Scranton, PA and Nashville, TN. In case you are wondering this includes the Thomas Nelson Publishers warehouse, which if you ever visited, is a massive facility. HarperCollins already has closed the Zondervan warehouse in Grand Rapids. This is one of the consolidation moves where the parent company makes money by reducing duplicate efforts. It does not mean they are doing less business, merely that they now are shipping from one location.

10 Marketing Techniques That Annoy Potential Readers – Good reminders from Jon Gibbs on Nathan Bransford’s blog.

Cokesbury Chain to Close All Stores – Another sign of changing times. The United Methodist church is closing their bookstore chain of 35 stores and shuttering their 19 Seminary bookstores. Before panic sets in realize that those stores focused mainly on selling to Methodist clergy and their church supplies. But it does signal that it is that much more difficult to sell books, in stores, regardless of the core customer.

Wikipedia Export Feature – This allows you to export various articles of your choice into an epub file or PDF which you can then read on your computer or favorite e-reader. Collect all your preliminary research from Wikipedia into one place and save yourself time later. Of course you should not use Wikipedia as your sole source of research, but it a great way to get a solid overview on a topic with relative ease.

Why Adults Read YA Fiction –  Maureen McGowan makes an interesting case. Do agree or disagree?

Would The Hunger Games Get Published Today? – An interesting quote from the article below. Do you agree or disagree?

“A book that’s very similar to Hunger Games may find obstacles getting published today, but that would most likely be because it wouldn’t be seen as fresh enough now that so many dystopians are on the market, not necessarily because of a show of violence or oppression or political themes.”

New Christian Imprint from Random House – The Crown division which already has Doubleday, Image, and Waterbrook/Multnomah add Convergent. See the link for a full description of the types of books they are acquiring.

Elizabeth Taylor #1 Earning Dead Celebrity – Surpassed Michael Jackson this year. But seriously, $75 million in perfume sales alone?

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The C.S. Lewis Retreat 2012

by Steve Laube

C.S. Lewis wrote “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” And later he wrote “Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” (from The World’s Last Night: And Other Essays).

I just returned from a weekend teaching at the C.S. Lewis Foundation Retreat near Houston. It is a marvelous time of spiritual and intellectual stimulation. To hear presentations by acclaimed Lewis scholars like Joseph Pearce and Diana Glyer is both a delight and a privilege.

This year’s theme was The Great Divorce which is a book by Lewis that you must read if you haven’t already. With all of the recent bestsellers discussing heaven and what it will look like or whether or not it is real, this weekend was quite invigorating. Having lost my dad a couple months ago I was struck by the poignancy of some of the conversations. Consider these quotes from The Great Divorce:

Heaven is not a state of mind. Heaven is reality itself. All that is fully real is Heavenly. For all that can be shaken will be shaken and only the unshakable remains.”

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