Awards and Recognition

The Steve Laube Agency is privileged to represent authors who have been on the major bestseller lists and have received numerous awards. These include:

Bestseller List Appearance (defined as NY Times, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, or ECPA bestseller lists):

Johnnie Alexander, Mesu Andrews, Diane Ashley, Janet Lee Barton, Lisa Bergren, Chuck Black, Lynn Huggins Blackburn, Lauralee Bliss, Allison Bottke, Angela Breidenbach, Don Brown, Patrick Carr, Lisa Carter, Jack Cavanaugh, Vannetta Chapman, Lynn Coleman, Connilyn Cossette, Susanne Dietze, Lynette Eason, Steve & Annette Economides (Wall Street Journal), Nancy J. Farrier, Susy Flory (NY Times), Rhonda Gibson, Elizabeth Goddard, Cathy Marie Hake (NY Times extended list), Kelly Eileen Hake, Pam Hillman, Mary Hunt, Dallas and Amanda Jenkins (The Chosen), Ellie Kay, Ronie Kendig, Karol Ladd, Sarah Ladd, Katy Lee, Tosca Lee (co-author with Ted Dekker), Loree Lough, Dana R. Lynn, Nancy Mehl, Carolyn Miller, Stephen M. Miller, Evan Moffic, Joanna Davidson Politano, Judith Pella, Liz Phelps, Tara Randel (USA Today), Deborah Raney, Tricia Rhodes, Martha Rogers, Kim Vogel Sawyer, Dina Slieman, Connie Stevens, Sharee Stover, Liz Tolsma (NY Times extended list), A.W. Tozer, Pamela Tracy (USA Today), Darlene L. Turner, Debra Ullrick (NY Times extended list), Virginia Vaughan, Susan May Warren, Gina Welborn, Roseanna White, Becca Whitham, Cindy Woodsmall (NY Times), H. Norman Wright

The Christy Award Book of the Year:

Amanda Cox (2021)

Christy Award Winners:

Mesu Andrews, Tracey Bateman, Lisa Bergren, Elizabeth Camden, Jack Cavanaugh (twice), Connilyn Cossette, Amanda Cox, Karen Hancock (four times), Sharon Hinck (twice), Ronie Kendig, John Olson, David Rawlings, Marlo Schalesky, Kathy Tyers, Susan May Warren (twice), Roseanna White, Ginny Yttrup

Christy Award Finalists:

Mesu Andrews (three times), Karen Ball, Tracey Bateman, Lisa Bergren (twice), Lynn Blackburn, Nadine Brandes (three times), Morgan L. Busse (twice), Elizabeth Camden (seven times), Patrick Carr (three times), Jack Cavanaugh (three times), Connilyn Cossette (three times), Amanda Cox, Lynette Eason, Pamela Ewen, John Fischer, David Gregory, Karen Hancock (five times), T.L. Higley, Sharon Hinck (three times), Ronie Kendig, Carla Laureano, Tosca Lee, Nancy Mehl, John Olson (twice), Joanna Davidson Politano, Deborah Raney (three times), David Rawlings, Marlo Schalesky, Michelle Shocklee, Kara Swanson, Kathy Tyers, Susan May Warren (eleven times), Amanda Wen, Roseanna White (twice), Cindy Woodsmall, Ginny Yttrup (twice)

Christy Award Hall-of-Fame:

Karen Hancock (inducted 2013)

Christianity Today Book of the Year Award:

Joshua D. Chatraw (category: Apologetics/Evangelism)
William Lane Craig & Chad Meister (category: Apologetics)
Antony Flew (category: Apologetics)
Michelle Van Loon (Award of Merit. category: Christian Living)
William Lane Craig (Award of Merit. category: Apologetics & Evangelism)

ECPA Christian Book of the Year Award Winner:

Mesu Andrews (best new author) – 2012
Jennie Allen (best new author) – 2013
Tosca Lee (best novel) – 2014

ECPA Christian Book of the Year Award Finalist:

Jennie Allen (best new author), Mesu Andrews (best new author), Josh Chatraw (Biography & Memoir), Lynette Eason (fiction),  Pam Farrel (Bible Study), Benjamin Forrest (Biography & Memoir), Rod Gragg (Biography & Memoir), Tracy Higley (fiction), Denise Hughes (Bible Study), Susie Larson (Devotional), Tosca Lee (fiction) – twice, Jared Wilson (non-fiction), Cindy Woodsmall (fiction)

The Carol Award Winner:

Diane Ashley, Lynn Huggins Blackburn, Nadine Brandes (three times), Terry Brennan, Morgan L. Busse (twice), Elizabeth Camden (twice), Patrick Carr, Lisa Carter (twice), Vannetta Chapman, Connilyn Cossette (twice), Lynette Eason (three times), Rhonda Gibson, Elizabeth Goddard, Sharon Hinck (three times), Ronie Kendig, Aaron McCarver, Nancy Mehl (twice), John Olson, Deborah Raney (six times), Kim Vogel Sawyer (three times), Marlo Schalesky, Susan Sleeman, Dina Sleiman, Pamela Tracy, Carrie Turansky, Kathy Tyers, Susan May Warren (six times), Kimberley Woodhouse

ECPA Platinum Book Award for More Than 1,000,000 Copies Sold:

Lisa Bergren (for the book God Gave Us You)
Lisa Bergren (for the book God Gave Us Christmas)

ECPA Gold Book Award for More Than 500,000 Copies Sold:

Lisa Bergren (for the book God Gave Us You)
Lisa Bergren (for the book God Gave Us Christmas)
Lisa Bergren (for the book God Gave Us Easter)
David Gregory (for the book Dinner with a Perfect Stranger)
Stephen M. Miller (for the book Complete Guide to the Bible)

ECPA Bronze Book Award for More than 100,000 Copies Sold:
(Bronze level awards are for titles published January 2010 or later)

Dallas Jenkins, Amanda Jenkins, and Dr. Douglas Huffman (for the book What Does It Mean to Be Chosen)
Dallas Jenkins, Amanda Jenkins, and Dr. Douglas Huffman (for the book Blessed are the Chosen)

INSPY Award Winner:

Morgan Busse (2019) – Speculative Fiction category
Patrick Carr (2016 and 2017) – Speculative Fiction category
Carla Laureano (2020) – Contemporary Romance category
Joanna Davidson Politano (2018) – Debut Fiction category
Susan May Warren (2010) – Romance category

Realm Makers – Realm Award:

Morgan Busse (2017)
Patrick Carr (2016)
Ronie Kendig (2019 – Fantasy)
Ronie Kendig (2020 – Science Fiction)
Kara Swanson (2021 – Fantasy)

Realm Makers – Alliance Award (Readers Choice Award):

Nadine Brandes (2017)
Ronie Kendig (2020)
Kara Swanson (2021)

RITA Award Winner:

Elizabeth Camden, Carla Laureano (twice), Deborah Raney, Susan May Warren

RITA Award Finalist:

Elizabeth Camden (twice), Suzanne Dietze, Carla Laureano (three times), Katy Lee (twice), Shannon McNear, Deborah Raney, Marlo Schalesky, Pamela Tracy, Susan May Warren (twice)

The Gospel Coalition Book Awards:

Nancy Pearcey – Love Thy Body
Joshua Chatraw and Mark D. Allen – Apologetics at the Cross

World Magazine Book of the Year:

Jared Wilson (2016 – The Prodigal Church) – Winner
Rod Gragg (2017 – My Brother’s Keeper) – shortlist finalist
Hugh Ross (2018 – The Creator and the Cosmos) – shortlist finalist
Kenneth Samples (2017 – God Among Sages) – shortlist finalist

Leadership Magazine Book of the Year:

Ruth Haley Barton (category: The Outer Life) – Finalist

Outreach Magazine Resource of the Year:

Joshua Chatraw
William Lane Craig (twice)
Chad Meister

Association of Logos Bookstores Award:

Ruth Haley Barton

Foreword Reviews Indie Award:

Religious Fiction Gold – Carla Laureano, Ginny Yttrup (twice)
Religious Fiction Silver – Terry Brennan, Christina Suzann Nelson, Tosca Lee, Ginny Yttrup
Religious Fiction Bronze – Tosca Lee, Deborah Raney

Religion Non-fiction Gold – Evan Moffic
Religion Non-fiction Bronze – Sy Garte

Selah Book of the Year Award Winner:

Bob Hostetler (2017)

Daphne du Maurier Award Winner:

C. J. Chase (2010)
Elizabeth Camden (2013)
Lisa Carter (2017)
Lynette Eason (2017 and 2019)
Nancy Mehl (2021)
Darlene L. Turner (2016 and 2019)

Holt Medallion Award Winner:

Margaret Daley, Ronie Kendig, Mindy Obenhaus, Deborah Raney (twice), Carrie Turansky, Kimberley Woodhouse

Gayle Wilson Award Winner:

Deborah Raney  (four times), Kim Vogel Sawyer

Genesis Award Winner (ACFW):

Sami Abrams (twice), Jessica Brodie, Deborah Clack, Suzanne Dietze, Johnnie Alexander, Sara Ella, Patty Smith Hall, Pam Hillman (three times), Leanna Lindsey Hollis, Savanna Kaiser, Jennifer Sienes, Darlene L. Turner, Jenness Walker and Tracy Bowen (twice as co-authors)

Golden Heart Award Winner:

CJ Chase

FHL National Readers Choice Award Winner:

Lynn Blackburn, Carla Laureano, Mindy Obenhaus, Sandra Orchard, Deborah Raney, Kimberley Woodhouse (twice)

AWSA Golden Scroll Award Winner:

Fiction Book of the Year: Kathi Macias (2011), Susan May Warren (2012), Lynette Eason (2016)
Bible Study Book of the Year: Kim DeBlecourt (2019)
Children’s Book of the Year: Michelle Medlock Adams (2019)
Devotional Book of the Year: Grace Fox (2021)
Novella Book of the Year: Deborah Raney (2021)

Library Journal Book of the Year:

Tosca Lee (2014)

Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award Winner:

Karen Ball, Margaret Daley (twice), Lynette Eason (twice), Louise Gouge, Cathy Marie Hake, Pam Hillman, Ronie Kendig, Yvonne Lehman, Loree Lough, Tamela Hancock Murray, Deborah Raney (three times), Connie Stevens, Susan May Warren (three times)

RT BOOK REVIEWS Career Achievement Award: 

Cindy Woodsmall (2016)

RT BOOK REVIEWS Reviewers’ Choice Awards: 

Deborah Raney (2001), Ginny Yttrup (2013 & 2014), Renee Andrews (2014), Janet Lee Barton (2015), Ronie Kendig (2016 & 2017)

Christian Retailing “Retailer’s Choice Award” Winner:

Lynette Eason
Stephen M. Miller
Jared Wilson (with Matt Chandler)

Gold Medallion Book Award Winner:

Mary Hunt, H. Norman Wright

Gold Medallion Book Award Finalist:

Jack Cavanaugh, Ellie Kay, Stephen M. Miller, Tricia Rhodes, H. Norman Wright