Fun Fridays – August 7, 2020

A perfect game in bowling is a score of 300. To achieve that you have to roll ten strikes in a row, then roll two more in the bonus. A total of 12 strikes. It is really, really, really hard to do.

This guy, Ben Ketola, rolls 12 strikes in a row, in less than 90 seconds. Watch and be amazed.

It does give me a moment to brag on my grandfather who bowled a perfect 300. He had the gold belt buckle to prove it! Not what you might expect from a man of God who preached twice every Sunday, once in English and once in German at his church in Maywood, Illinois, for almost 60 years.

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Realistic Language in Fiction

The “Your Questions Answered” Series __________ I’m a former crime reporter and trauma survivor with lots of counseling writing a suspense novel. I’m trying to balance Christian fiction guidelines with the speech and behavior I’ve seen in police stations and at crime scenes. I’ve come up with some of my …

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Old School Tools Rule (Sometimes)

I use modern technology a lot. Some digital tools make the writing life a whole lot easier, from word processing’s track changes to email and Dropbox and voice dictation and more. But I still cling to a few old-school tools that newer technologies haven’t replaced. Here are three I have …

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Fun Friday – July 31, 2020

Worst year ever? Watch today’s video, and vote for your favorite. {Believe it or not, this video was posted almost FOUR months ago.} [If you cannot see the embedded video in your newsletter email, please click the headline and go directly to our site to view it.] HT: Tamela

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Show Versus Tell – HELP!

The “Your Questions Answered” Series __________ Could you write about the difference between showing and telling? I am constantly mixing them up. Thanks! Telling is like giving readers a grocery list. They must memorize facts to absorb your story. For example: She never stood out in a crowd, any crowd. …

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Prayers of a Literary Agent

I prayed about becoming a literary agent. My friend and agent, Steve Laube, had asked me to consider it. So I told him I’d pray and think on it. Doggone it, I did; and just over three years ago I joined The Steve Laube Agency as not only a client …

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A World of Similitudes

Please indulge my ponderings today. I was recently reading a novel where the author* was describing the dream-state of the main character. As part of his musings, the phrase “a world of similitudes” was used. I had to stop reading for a minute; think about that phrase; and ask the …

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Fun Fridays – July 24, 2020

An extraordinary musical event is our feature today. 17,572 singers from 129 countries came together to perform Eric Whitacre’s “Sing Gently” in a virtual choir. At the end, all 17,000+ singers are shown on screen. You simply must watch to experience it. The song is a little over three minutes …

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