That Look

This blog is part five of six in a series designed to hone character development of protagonists in your fiction.

I once tried to leave the house with bare lips. This did not go over well with my husband.

“Where is your lipstick?” he asked.

I applied some immediately. In red.

Yes, the lipstick has to be red. I can get away with a reddish burgundy shade if it matches my clothing, but only then.

When venturing out alone, I once left the house wearing sparkly gold lipstick with sable lip liner. All the women loved it. When I returned home and my husband saw my new look, he wanted to know what was going on with all the lip liner.

If I were to forget my lipstick when traveling, the situation would be classified as a beauty emergency, meaning an immediate trip to the nearest cosmetics counter. Since this has, ahem, happened, last week when my husband and I went away, he made sure I had packed my lipstick.

Cell phone or lipstick? That, my friend, is the question.


Your turn:

Has your character adopted a certain look? What is it?

Why does your character have this look? How does it make your character stand out or be special?

What do the people in the character’s life think of this look? Are their feelings positive or negative? Why, and does your character care?

What would make your character change this unique look?


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