Orville Rogers – A Memorial Day Tribute

Today in the U.S. we honor the veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice and died for our country in the military. It is an important day of remembrance.

Earlier this month, at the Global Media Summit, I had the honor of shaking the hand of Orville Rogers who is 99 years young. He trained pilots in World War II, flew the B-36 airplane (aka “The Peacemaker”) on secret missions during the Korean conflict, then flew for Braniff Airways for 30 years. When he retired he and his wife spent over a year as missionaries in Tanzania.

What he is most famous for today is that he holds multiple world records for running…in the 90-99 year old age group. Last Summer he set the mark for the 1500 meter run in 16:35.  Here’s the thing…he started running when he was 50 years old! Ran his first marathon six years later. Since then he’s run over 42,000 miles.

He is also the author of The Running Man:Flying High for the Glory of God.

We salute you!

Enjoy this three minute interview with him in March. In it you can see him winning the 60 meter dash against his 92 year old rival. (Orville is in the yellow shoes.)

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