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We have talked a lot about podcasts on this show lately, and this is the last episode of the series. Honestly I was not planning on doing one more episode but two things came up that pushed me over the edge. First, a lot of you asked questions about how to start your own podcast and secondly I found out about the first ever Spark Christian Podcast Conference.

I am particularly excited about this because while there are more Christian podcasts than any other category, there has to my knowledge never been a Christian Podcasting Conference before.

Joining us today is Misty Phillip a podcast host of the Host, By His Grace Podcast, and founder of the Spark Christian Podcast Conference.

Misty, welcome to the Christian Publishing Show!

When and where is the Christian Podcasting Conference?

Session 1 Podcasting 101 – Paul Hastings

  • How a podcast works. RSS, Media Files, Show Notes
  • How to setup a podcast.

Session 2 – Before You Grab the Mic: Identifying Your Why & Honing Your Message – Katherine Barner

  • Be very specific about who your podcast is for.
  • Ask why five times.

Session 3 – Power of podcasting for connection & the future of podcasting – Eric Nevins

  • Podcasting gives you access to people you couldn’t talk to otherwise.
  • Jeff Goins story.

Session 4 – Best Guest Practices Julie Hamilton

  • Find good guests. www.podchaser.com
  • Don’t ask them to introduce themselves.
  • Do your research! Have more questions prepared than you will ask.
  • Ask follow up questions.

Session 5 Marketing Strategies Panel

  • Guest on other podcasts.
  • Have famous people on your podcast.
  • Ask your guests to promote the podcast.

Session 6 – Marketing and Branding – Quin Heavrin

  • Have a laser focused brand, at least at first.
  • Put your face on the cover art.

Session 7 – Editing & Producing Your Podcast – Thomas Umstattd Jr

  • Editing separates popular podcasts from unpopular ones.
  • Pearly gates joke.
  • Honor your listeners time.

Session 8 – Launching a Podcast – Krystall Profitt

  • Launch strong. Try to get into New and Noteworthy.
  • Write out a 6 week launch plan.
  • Don’t rely on social media but don’t ignore it either.
  • Pre schedule podcast interviews ahead of time.
  • Ask friends with email lists that target your audience to promote your podcast. Have them on as early guests.

Session 9 Podcast Growth & Monetization – Dave Jackson

  • Growth must come first.  You can’t monetize no audience.
  • Patreon. This is what I use for Novel Marketing. Create rewards that motivate.
  • Sponsors. This is what we use for Christian Publishing Show. The Steve Laube agency pays for the editing and production of the podcast.
  • Products – This is also how we sponsor this show. Each episode, we have a featured course from the Christian Writers Institute.

Session 10 – What’s Next – Misty Phillip

  • So Misty, whats next?

Session 11 – How to build a Podcast Community – Ozeal Debastos

  • Create a place for listeners to talk with each other.
  • Ask questions.
  • Incentivize activity by reading comments on the air.
  • Host live events.


Sponsor: Christian Writers Institute

The Course of the Week: How to Get Booked as a Podcast Guest

Once you take this course, you will know how to contact podcasters and feel confident going on their shows to talk about your message. You will learn techniques most podcast guests don’t know, techniques that took me over a decade of podcasting to learn and develop.

You don’t need to hire a PR firm for $3000 to get you podcast interviews!

You just need to know the secrets of pitching podcast hosts yourself. And, once you start nailing interviews, podcasters will start reaching out to you to invite you on their shows.

Use coupon code “podcast” to save 10% or click the link in the show notes to activate the coupon code automatically.

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