Selling What You Write

Your Writing Career – Considering a career in writing, editing, or publishing? This linked page is a wonderful resource. Everything from college degrees to writing a book proposal. A veritable one-stop shop.
[A special thanks to Anna of LouAnn Taylor’s writing group for this link.]

The Christian Writers Market Guide – This venerable reference book is still published each year (in December for the following year). If you want online access that is updated every week subscribe here: The Christian Writers Market Guide online.

Transcribe Your Sermon – If you have a talk or presentation or sermon that needs to be transcribed into digital form, here is a great way to get it done. You might be surprised how far you strayed from your notes, and yet still effectively presented the material. Incorporate that into your book!

Act One Program – Christian Writing for Hollywood. A tremendous program.

American Christian Fiction Writers Association – A wonderful group of fiction writers. Important to join and be a part of this community. A very nicely designed site.

Author Tech Tips – Help for authors who are timid about technology. Step by step tips on how to get more blog readers, use Twitter, use Facebook and promote your book online.

Charis Connection – An extraordinary group of the top Christian novelists. Each post on different topics related to the writing life. Excellent material. (Unfortunately the last update is November 2007, but the archived content is still fabulous.)

Chicago Manual of Style – Quick Citation Guide – This is the style manual used by book publishers. It is different than the AP Manual of Style and the MLA Manual of Style. Use this in case you are wondering how to cite a footnote in your manuscript.

Christian Retailing – key magazine for helping you understand the retail environment. Sign up for their free e-mail newsletter.

The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. Nearly every major Christian Publisher is a member of this association.

Grammar Now! – This is a free site dedicated to answering specific grammar, composition, research or formatting questions. Send a question by filling out the form below, and you will receive an e-mail response. If your composition question is simple, you may get an answer the same day, or within 24 hours. If it is a more complicated composition, formatting or research question, it may take longer. If the need is urgent, say so in the first line.

Grammar Test and thenĀ click here for more fun tests!

How to Write a Query Letter

Jerry Jenkins on “How to Become an Author” – One of the best starting places for all writers.

Publishers Marketplace – For a modest monthly fee this site will give you access to the entire publishing industry. Agents post their recent deals daily. Insider information galore. We rely on this information every day.
At the very least go to the site and sign up for the free email newsletters.

Writer’s Digest – Each month Writer’s Digest helps thousands of writers hone their skills and find the best-paying markets for their work. You’ll find page after page of solid advice for writing stories, articles, poems, screenplays… suspense novels, too. You absolutely must subscribe. You owe it to yourself.