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To help the author determine the next best step in their writing career. Giving counsel regarding the subtleties of the marketplace as well as the realities of the publishing community.


To help the author secure the best possible contract. One that partners with the best strategic publisher and one that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

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Down Under

By the time this blog is posted I should be nearing home after spending the weekend with a wonderful group of Australian and New Zealand writers at a retreat center in Mulgoa, Australia (approximately an hour’s drive west of Sydney) for The Omega Christian Writers Conference.

I had the privilege of giving six hours of presentations, taking a number of appointments, and just enjoying their hospitality. It was a marvelous time. (Did not see any kangaroos although they were apparently in the area.)

We absolutely must remember that publishing is a global business. The issues and challenges of the world and how to express one’s faith are universal.

It is rather unusual to be the one everyone accuses of having an accent!  But the “differences” are curiosities, not barriers. These writers wrestle with their words, tackle marketing frustrations, and balance work and life with the call to write.

While we may not be close in proximity (it is a 14-hour flight from Los Angeles to Sydney and you gain 18 hours) to the rest of the world, we are close … because we are all part of the Body of Christ.

I came away impressed with an enthusiastic group hungry to learn how to change the world through the written word.

It was great to spend significant time with agency Aussie clients David Rawlings, Narelle Atkins, and Carolyn Miller. David, with his novel The Baggage Handler, is the first Australian to be a finalist for the Christy Awards.

For those of you in the U.S., take a moment today and pray for our fellow brothers and sisters around the globe who are striving to improve their craft of writing, just as you are. In fact, anywhere you may be, take a moment to lift up your international fellow writers.

We are on this journey together!






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Still More Carrots and Sticks

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