The Steve Laube Agencyis committed to providing top quality guidance to authors and speakers. Our years of experience and success brings a unique service to our clients. We focus primarily in the Christian marketplace and have put together an outstanding gallery of authors and speakers whose books continue to make an impact throughout the world.
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To help the author develop and create the best book possible. Material that has both commercial appeal and long-term value.


To help the author determine the next best step in their writing career. Giving counsel regarding the subtleties of the marketplace as well as the realities of the publishing community.


To help the author secure the best possible contract. One that partners with the best strategic publisher and one that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

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Fun Fridays – December 3, 2021

Today’s video kicks off the Christmas season with something word-related. “An Anagram Christmas.”


Below the video are some fun anagrams to enjoy. Can you come up with more?

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Statue of Liberty = built to stay free

Debit card = bad credit

Dormitory = dirty room

Astronomer = Moon starer

Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one

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The Happy Writer

Today’s guest post is by Courtney Ellis, author of the recently released Happy Now: Let Playfulness Lift Your Load and Renew Your Spirit. Courtney is one of Bob Hostetler’s clients and lives with her husband and three children in southern California. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. ____________________________ There’s …

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Project Gutenberg

Fifty years ago today, at the age of 24, Michael Stern Hart of Urbana, Illinois founded Project Gutenberg. It was the world’s first digital library, using technology that would eventually help create the internet. Michael invented e-books. An interesting guy, his parents were both professors at the University of Illinois. …

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B is for Binding

When a book is physically printed there are two, among many, decisions that must be made. One is “trim size.” This means the size of the book itself (5.5” x 8.5”? or something else?). The other is our topic for today. The binding. Binding is the process of gathering the …

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Fun Fridays – November 26, 2021

Since it is Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I’d give you a visual “thank you” to all you readers! Good ‘ol Hoops and YoYo always make me smile. Thank you. (If you cannot see the embedded video in your newsletter email, please click the headline and go directly to our site …

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