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To help the author develop and create the best book possible. Material that has both commercial appeal and long-term value.


To help the author determine the next best step in their writing career. Giving counsel regarding the subtleties of the marketplace as well as the realities of the publishing community.


To help the author secure the best possible contract. One that partners with the best strategic publisher and one that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

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Book Puns! – Fun Fridays – May 25, 2018

Book Puns! Create a combination of a book title and author that together make a great pun. Below are a few that have recently circulated on social media. I’ve included some of my own. Your assignment is to post a new one in the comments below (please keep them appropriate). Enjoy!

How to Write Big Books by Warren Peace

What You Should Believe by I. Noah Tall

The Art of Archery by Beau N. Arrow

Irish Heart Surgery by Angie O’Plasty

I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up by Eileen Dover

Self-Esteem for Children by Wade Ago

I Ate the Sheriff by A. Robin Zombie

Jesus is Irrelevant by Hugh Bris

Yodeling for Dummies by O. Lea O’Leahy

Break a Leg by I. Wanaski

An Ophthalmologist’s Delight by Seymour Daily

Inside Voices by Heidi S. Soloud

Tighten Your Belt by Kim Ono

A Good Pizza Ruined by Ann Chovie

You Can Do It! by Immanual Kant


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What is Inspirational Romance?

Our guest blogger today is Angela Breidenbach. She is a Montana author & Christian Authors Network president, is the host of Lit Up! on Toginet Radio and Apple Podcasts. Angela went back to college for genealogical studies w/specialties in English & Scottish Records. She’ll graduate in 2019 as a professional genealogist. Find …

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A Title Wave

Some writers find it hard to title their work; others have as much (or more) fun creating titles as they do writing articles, stories, or books. So, just for fun, I asked some of my colleagues and clients: “What title of a nonexistent, imaginary, unwritten, or unpublished work do you …

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Common Sense Publishing

I will often use humor as a defense mechanism. It helps maintain my sanity, to some extent. However, I’ve noticed a number of times what might be considered a weak attempt at humor is actually true. I guess the common statement about most humor having a kernel of truth in …

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Book Proposals: The Fiction Synopsis

Attention all novelists! Every fiction book proposal must include a synopsis. Everyone who teaches on the book proposal says you need one. But why? Those two to three single-spaced pages of agony will never be seen by anyone else but editors and agents, so why? Why, oh why, must a …

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