Sample Cover Letter

We are frequently asked for a sample of a quality cover letter. One of our clients has graciously agreed to let hers be the example. It originally came to Mr. Laube via his assistant. It was well written and caught his attention immediately. Compare this to the guidelines we give in our discussion about cover letters to see how you too can create one of your own.


Cheri Gregory
[web site]
[phone number]


Steve Laube
24 W. Camelback Rd. A-635
Phoenix, AZ 85013

Dear Steve,

Thank you for reading my Hope for Anxiety Girl query letter at the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference and inviting me to send the full proposal. Three editors at Mt. Hermon requested the proposal, and I’d love your help in placing this book.

Hope for Anxiety Girl is a step-by-step how-to book for the highly sensitive Christian woman who longs to move from anxiety to peace but needs a personalized map to show her the way.

Highly sensitive Christian women need a book that integrates the concepts of Quiet: The Highly Sensitive Person, The Gifts of Perfection, and Daring Greatly with biblical truths. These women know that their personal relationship with Christ is the ultimate source of all answers and hope, but they are seeking practical guidance to make Him a moment-by-moment reality in their easily over-stimulated hearts. Using unique features, such as self-assessments, discussion questions, and customizable plans, this 50,000-word nonfiction book offers Christ-centered healing and hope to these women, helping them discover that they are different, not defective, so they can reframe their sensitivity as a God-given strength rather than a weakness.   

I’m an Anxiety Girl who has learned how to take off her cape and reach out to others rather than stay stuck in self-protection. I’m currently contracted to co-author The Cure for Perfect-Life Syndrome: 12 Ways to Stop Trying Harder and Start Living Braver (Harvest House, 2014) with Kathi Lipp. I regularly speak for MOPS groups, women’s retreats, and educational conferences and blog at I also teach AP English at a college-prep Christian high school and am pursuing a PhD in Leadership.

Hope for Anxiety Girl is thirty percent complete, fully outlined, and can be completed within six months of a signed agreement. This is a simultaneous submission. I appreciate your time and consideration of Hope for Anxiety Girl and welcome your feedback.


Cheri Gregory