A Writer’s Prayer of Confession

Most holy and merciful Father:
I confess that I have sinned by my own fault
in thought, word, and deed;
by what I have done, and by what I have left undone.

I have not loved you with my whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. I have let the idea of being a writer distract me from devotion to you. I have made myself busier with words than with your Word. I have been consumed by my writing plans and dreams, rather than your good, perfect, and pleasing will for me. I have been impatient with you, instead of trusting your love, wisdom, and timing.

Nor have I loved my neighbor as myself. I have been envious of others—of this one’s sales figures, that one’s income, this other one’s ideas, his creativity, her marketing skills, and yet another’s craftsmanship. I have sought advancement over others. I have made uncharitable judgments toward others.

Have mercy on me, Lord.

I have relied on my own strength.

I have prioritized approval and affirmation from others instead of seeking your smile first and always.

I have been discouraged by disappointing sales and lagging income instead of trusting you for my reputation and daily bread.

I confess to you, Lord.

I have been been physically and intellectually lazy.

I have worried more than prayed.

I have written pablum when you deserved poetry. I have hurried when you urged patience. I have settled for my thoughts instead of plumbing your depths.

Accept my repentance, Lord, for the wrongs I have done.

Forgive me, and try me again.

Hear me, that I may hear you,

And write your thoughts on my heart that I may write what will reach the hearts of others, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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