Author Bob Hostetler

Ten Things to Quit Right Now

Many writers—especially (but not exclusively) when they’re starting out on this long, uphill journey of writing for publication—are often tempted to quit. Some face that temptation even after they’ve published, and some even after much success. Because it’s hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it (nod to Jimmy Doogan in A League of Their Own).

Still, sometimes the hard can get so hard—and continue being hard for so long—that it can tempt even the most battle-toughened warrior to want to say, “No mas!”  

So, while I’ve never encouraged any writer to quit entirely, I’m writing today to say: go ahead, quit. But not everything. Quit selectively. Quit wisely. Quit strategically. With that in mind, let me prescribe ten things you can—and should—quit right now. Here they are. Quit:

  1. Trying to write something for “everyone”
  2. Trying to write like someone else
  3. Comparing yourself to other writers
  4. Putting yourself down
  5. Writing only when you’re “inspired”
  6. Hurrying
  7. Procrastinating
  8. Avoiding critique
  9. Avoiding submitting your work for publication
  10. Giving up

Got it? Quit it. Each one. All ten. Right now. And stay quit.

Are you with me? If so, let me know in the comments.

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