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2018 Edition of The Christian Writers Market Guide Released

Today, the 2018 edition of The Christian Writers Market Guide is officially available to order in print and ebook (paperback $22.99, ebook $9.99). Check your favorite bookstore or online retailer for a copy. (We have been told there is a slight delay in shipping the paperback due to a broken binder at the printer. But they will ship as soon as they are available.) Make sure you have a copy of this book in your arsenal!

Over 1,000 entries, including 70 pages of freelance editors, 70 literary agents who work with books intended for the Christian market, designers, publicists, accountants, magazines who are looking for writers, traditional publishers, and independent publishers.

450 pages of information uniquely curated for your use. While some of this may be found with a good search engine, there is not another product on the market that gathers all this information in one place for you. We spend countless hours throughout the year compiling and verifying every entry.

The one drawback of the print and ebook version is that the content quickly changes. That is why we also have made the entire guide available online via a subscription service (click here to see for yourself). The advantage to you is entries are updated throughout the year. As soon as we get new information, or a new entry, or a correction, it is entered in the online edition. There have been literally hundreds of additions, deletions, and changes since the 2017 edition was published. Every change was uploaded to the online version as they were made known to us.

The web site address for the market guide is

We’ve worked very hard at The Christian Writers Institute to program this site to meet your needs. You can search the entire database and surf listings just like you do with the print or ebook edition. You can save entries for later access, thereby customizing your account to meet your needs. You can even print out your personalized listings for reference. The pricing is set as a sliding scale depending on your needs:

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A Writer’s Hope Springs Eternal

Writers can be quietly optimistic amidst their seasons of doubt. It is that hope of success that helps make the daily slog a little easier. I reflected on hope by finding a few inspirational quotes: Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. …

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Fun Fridays – November 24, 2017

The day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. has been tagged as the biggest shopping day of the year. But yesterday was a day to remind ourselves what we should be thankful for. This brilliant video from a church in Charlotte, NC embodies that reminder. Enjoy! You may have already seen …

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The Curse of the Writer

Speaking from an agent’s perspective…
I have more conversations with clients about their feelings of anxiety, apprehension or insecurity than almost any other topic. Almost every writer I have ever worked with as an editor or an agent severely doubts themselves at some point in the process.

Doubts occur in the midst of creation.
Doubts occur when the disappointing royalty statement arrives.
Doubts occur … just because…

It is the curse of the writer. Writing is an introspective process done in a cave…alone. It is natural to have the demons of insecurity whisper their lies. And, in a cave, the whispers echo and build into a cacophony of irrepressible noise.

Once I had an author with dozens of titles in print and over three million books sold turn to me and say with a somber voice, “Do I have anything left to say? Does anyone care?” I didn’t quite know how to reply so tentatively said, “Well, I like it!” The author responded with a grump, “But you are paid to like it.” After we laughed, we agreed that this lack of confidence would pass and ultimately was very normal.

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Our Rapidly Changing Culture

Every year Beloit College creates a “Mindset List” which reflects the culture that the incoming Freshman class have grown up experiencing. It helps their faculty know how to relate to these incoming students. Click here for this year’s Mindset List.

I download this list every year and read it with increasing wonder at the speed of our cultural changes.

The college graduating class of 2014 was born in 1992. Think about that for a second. If you are a writer, you can no longer assume that your audience will understand your cultural references. In a mere six years, today’s 18-year-olds will be adults…possibly with families and jobs and children…they will be reading your books and articles.

And you will only be six years older than you are now.

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