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Fun Fridays – November 26, 2021

Since it is Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I’d give you a visual “thank you” to all you readers! Good ‘ol Hoops and YoYo always make me smile.

Thank you.

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A Is for Advance

by Steve Laube

Whenever I lecture about money the room becomes unusually quiet. Instead of a common restlessness from listeners there is a thrumming impatience to reveal the punch line. The punch line that declares every writer will be rich.

Now that I have our attention let’s turn to the topic of the day. The Advance. This is defined as the money a publisher pays to the author in “advance” of the publication of the finished book. We read about the seven-figure advances in the news because they are unusual and quite substantial. The amount given to everyone else can be rather different. (Read the article where Rachelle Gardner answers the question “What is the Typical Advance.”)

Payout Schedule

The money is not given all at once. There is usually an amount given for signing the book contract and the balance comes at various stages of the writing process. Some pay half on signing, half on acceptance of an acceptable manuscript. Some pay one-third on signing, one-third on acceptance, and one-third on publication. There can be other triggers to create payments like an acceptable proposal for subsequent books in a multi-book deal. We even had one highly unusual situation where the total amount of the advance was divided up over the course of 15 months and the publisher paid the author monthly.

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Fun Fridays – November 19, 2021

The world’s highest post office (in the Himalayas) is today’s topic. As the description reads, “Rinchen Chhering has been the devoted postmaster since it opened in 1983. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night keeps Chhering from getting to work every day.” While it’s a fascinating three-minute …

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Rendered Speechless

Those of you who have followed our blog are aware of the rather “interesting” proposals or pitches we receive. After so many years of doing this, it is almost hard to be surprised. Until a recent telephone exchange. Me: This is Steve Laube.Caller: How do I go about getting an …

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Fun Fridays – November 12, 2021

Since most of you changed your clocks this past weekend (we in Arizona did not because we are the smart ones), I found this video that is fascinating. Two islands two miles apart, but at the same time are 21 hours apart. And they are “in” two different countries. (There …

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Veterans Day

Today is a special day in the United States where we honor our veterans. It is our opportunity to thank and celebrate all those who have served our country in military service. Thank you for your service!

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What to Do About Morals?

In a post written last weekend Richard Curtis, agent extraordinaire, expressed surprise at a new morality clause that has apparently appeared in HarperCollins’ contracts. Read his post here [warning: there is some Adult content and comments included in the post].

What the general market doesn’t realize is that many Faith-based publishers have had a “moral turpitude” clause in their contracts for a long time. Moral turpitude is well defined in this post on Wikipedia. It is understood in the legal community as actions or activities that can get you fired from your job, deported if you are a foreigner in this country on a Visa, or have your contract cancelled if you are an author.

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Fun Fridays – November 5, 2021

Do you ever have a physical, visceral reaction to something you don’t want to do? Like write a book proposal? Or write the middle third of your book? Get up in front of a thousand people to speak? Today’s video is the hilarious drama-queen response of a dog getting her …

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Christy Awards 2021

We are so very proud that Amanda Cox was awarded the Christy Award Book-of-the Year this past week for her novel The Edge of Belonging (Revell)! Amanda is represented by Tamela and we are so thrilled for her. To be eligible she had to also win in her category of …

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Fun Fridays – October 29, 2021

Collective Nouns I have a book of collective nouns that merely proves that English is a strange language (A Compendium of Collective Nouns by Woop Studios, Chronicle Books, 2013). For example:A scourge of mosquitoesA quiver of cobrasA town of prairie dogsA skulk of foxes Which made me wonder. Why should …

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