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Fun Fridays – March 22, 2019

With two of our three daughters still in the dance world and the third in the music world as a pianist, I could not help but enjoy today’s video. It takes hard work to choreograph a mistake-filled ballet. This piece is called the “Mistake Waltz,” which Jerome Robbins choreographed in 1956.

It happens to be our ballet-teaching daughter’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Geneva!

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Who Gets Paid in Publishing?

With all the talk about Independent publishing vs. Traditional publishing and the talk about how writers can get rich if they follow a certain plan…I got to thinking. Maybe we should do a quick look at the Economics of Publishing to see if anyone is making off like a bandit. Sorry for you non-numbers people, but it is critical to understand the infrastructure (i.e. the lifeblood) that keeps your ideas in print.

The detective in the movie says “Follow the money,” so we shall. But first a disclaimer. These models are estimates based on years of reading contracts, profit and loss sheets, spreadsheets, and royalty statements. Your mileage may vary.

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Fun Fridays – March 15, 2019

In case you were wondering, today is the 199th birthday of the state of Maine. It is also the birth date of Saint Nicholas (270 A.D.) But that was merely to get your attention. Today’s video reveals something every writer needs so they can spend more time writing and less …

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Saving Time

Yesterday most of North America set their clocks forward an hour as part of Daylight Saving Time (DST). We, in Arizona, are one of two states that never change our clocks. Thus half the year we are on Mountain Time and the other half we are on Pacific Time. Those …

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Etiquette When Submitting a Manuscript

L.D. asked some etiquette questions that may be of help to everyone: – How long do you wait before following up with an editor/agent once you’ve sent your requested manuscript to the editor/agent? – If you’ve already sent the proposal to the editor and they’re preparing to present it to …

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Fun Fridays – March 1, 2019

Most of you have the “privilege” of experiencing snow in your backyard every winter. But not here in Phoenix and Tucson. Last week our state was “blessed” with snow. My daughter and husband live in Tucson and were rather startled by the white blanket over their city. See her in …

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Got Questions?

The intent of our blog and podcast is to help writers understand what they need to know about the publishing industry and to hopefully succeed with their books. Everything from craft to conferences to proposals and even to ISBN numbers. We’ve been attempting this for nearly 10 years and yet …

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Fun Fridays – February 22, 2019

Enjoy this incredible performance of the “The Entertainer” on a classical guitar. Richard Smith is one of the USA’s greatest players, named to the National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame in 2009. He makes this look so easy! (Note the series of chords and notes at the 2:27 mark.) By the …

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