Author Steve Laube

Of Making Many Books There Is No End

This past week Bowker, the company that issues ISBN numbers for published books, released their annual statistics. They broke out the numbers for self-published books and revealed a stunning statistic. (If you want the history and explanation of the ISBN, read my scintillating post on the topic here. Each country …

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Fun Fridays – October 12, 2018

Stefan Xidas has Down Syndrome and a dream of singing the National Anthem before a Chicago Cubs baseball game. His wish came true a month ago. And, as promised, he now has raised over $20,000 for Special Olympics at this GoFundMe page. This one simply gave me a joy-filled smile. …

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Words That Still Get Misused

The infographic below from is a fantastic reminder of commonly misused words. They did miss one. I have to pause every time before I write “affect” or “effect.” reads, “Most of the time, you’ll want affect as a verb meaning to influence something and effect for the something that was influenced. The difference …

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Fun Fridays – October 5, 2018

For all you band geeks. With high-school football in full swing across the U.S., I thought you might enjoy the creativity of this trombone section from China Springs, Texas. 90 seconds of sheer concentration. One mistake might put someone in the hospital!

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Integrity in All Things

The issue of integrity, or lack thereof, has reared its head within our community of Christian writers. (A link to the article “Sexual Harassment Uncovered at Christian Writing Conferences.”) It is a time of sorrow. Many have been hurt, and the heart aches to hear and read the stories. It …

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Checked Your Copyright Lately?

Have you checked your copyright lately? I mean, have you actually gone to the US Copyright Office web site and searched for your registration? You might be surprised at what you won’t find. Here is the link to start your search.

Most publishing contracts have a clause that requires the publisher to register the copyright, in the name of the author, with the US Copyright Office. This is supposed to be done as part of the in-house paperwork process.

If you do not find your book, don’t panic.

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