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To help the author develop and create the best book possible. Material that has both commercial appeal and long-term value.


To help the author determine the next best step in their writing career. Giving counsel regarding the subtleties of the marketplace as well as the realities of the publishing community.


To help the author secure the best possible contract. One that partners with the best strategic publisher and one that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

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Dark Friday

I wrote this piece a few years ago and thought it appropriate to post every year on Dark Friday.

Take Me, Break Me
(a prayer)
by Steve Laube

Take my eyes, Lord.
Strike me blind.

* * *

Then heal me, Lord,
That I may see with Your eyes.


Take my hands, Lord.
Crush every bone.

* * *

Then heal me, Lord,
That I may touch with Your tenderness.


Take my ears, Lord.
Deafen me.

* * *

Then heal me, Lord,
That I may hear with Your sensitivity.


Take my feet, Lord.
Amputate without hesitation.

* * *

Then heal me, Lord,
That I may walk only on Your path.


Take my tongue, Lord.
Sever it.

* * *

Then heal me, Lord,
That I speak only with Your words.


Take my life, Lord.
End it

* * *

Then resurrect me, Lord,
That I may have life only in You.


Hear my prayer.


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Made for Such a Time

Today is a difficult day for Christians as we remember the final full day of Christ’s life before his crucifixion. Deep down, I wish Jesus didn’t have to go through all he did. Reading through the Gospels, it is clear the events of this week were part of a plan …

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Your Compelling Cover Letter

In light of my recent posts discussing what we can and cannot overlook in submissions, I think authors may benefit from quick tips on how to add sparkle to an email cover letter. What is the subject line? When you look through hundreds of emails in your inbox, you gravitate …

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HarperCollins Buying Competitor?

Over the weekend a rumored purchase (now confirmed, see below) has surfaced in The Wall Street Journal (link). The word is that News Corp (owner of HarperCollins and The Wall Street Journal) will be buying the consumer division (HMH Books & Media) of educational publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. If this goes …

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