Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays – May 24, 2019

Oh my goodness. This video is a perfect metaphor for the author who suddenly has to master everything in order to build their platform–Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogging, newsletters, websites–all while writing their book, working their day job, supporting their family, and more!

But the writer does at some point make their publisher jump through a few hoops too!

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Fun Fridays – May 10, 2019

Today’s video is of three professionals against 100 school children. Someone said, “This shows some sort of publishing metaphor just waiting to get out!” (The first two minutes are enough to get the idea.) What do you think this is showing as it relates to the pursuit of publishing? HT: Dan …

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Fun Fridays – April 12, 2019

For those among the thousands who were snookered by my April Fool’s Day post last week, imagine if your 4th grade teacher gave you a spelling test like the one in this video. It would have been fun if he had thrown in a real word like floccinaucinihilipilification. The word’s …

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Fun Fridays – April 5, 2019

Gene Kelly was a master of dance. But this scene from “It’s Always Fair Weather” takes the cake. While the song lyrics are rather lame, the dancing on roller skates, beginning at the 2:09  mark, is pretty incredible. Warning: Don’t Try This at Home.

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Breaking News

NewsCorp Tells HarperCollins to have Thomas Nelson Publishers Sell The Satanic Bible Since Thomas Nelson is the world’s largest publisher of Bibles, their ownership decided it would be a good idea to have them diversify the types of Bibles they produce. Publication date for The Satanic Bible is set for October …

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Fun Fridays – March 22, 2019

With two of our three daughters still in the dance world and the third in the music world as a pianist, I could not help but enjoy today’s video. It takes hard work to choreograph a mistake-filled ballet. This piece is called the “Mistake Waltz,” which Jerome Robbins choreographed in …

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