Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays – July 20, 2018

I want one of these machines in my office.

A burger bot!

The interview with the inventor is not the best, but at least you can hear his vision for the product.

I do not want this next machine in my office. Salad by robot.

Now you know my meal of choice…

The featured image above is from where you can see more about the burger bot machine.

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Fun Fridays- June 22, 2018

Sing along with Yakko! The first is all the countries in the world. Then is every word in the English language in one performance! (This one includes play by play commentary.) Teach them to your children and grandchildren… HT: [Blame this one on] Dan Balow

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Fun Fridays – June 15, 2018

Reimagining the classics. Today’s video wonders what should never be played in the style of Ragtime…and does it anyway! Could you take your story idea or non-fiction concept and approach in a whole new way? Creativity can be exciting. HT: Trissina Kear

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