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A Title Wave

Some writers find it hard to title their work; others have as much (or more) fun creating titles as they do writing articles, stories, or books. So, just for fun, I asked some of my colleagues and clients: “What title of a nonexistent, imaginary, unwritten, or unpublished work do you love? Or would you love to read if it were available?”

For example, some of my “dream” titles are:

No Grit, No Pearl

Somewhat Intact: A Memoir

Your Best Wife Now!

As I expected, the answers others sent to me were entertaining. They may also be informative for the writer who takes the time to analyze why these titles are so fun and fascinating.

How To Get Your Husband To Realize You Are Always Right
(Chris Storm, author at

Don’t Fear the Cloud
(Dr. Alan Ehler, Dean at Southeastern University of the Assemblies of God)

I Should be Ashes by Now: A Self-help Book for Backsliders
(Nanci Rubin, blogger at

Viper’s Revenge
(Liz Shoaf, author of Betrayed Birthright, Harlequin Inspirational Suspense)

I Caught My Fly-Guy Fishing (Carol McClain, author of The Poison We Drink: Unforgiveness Destroys)

Junk My Southern Mother Told Me That Came True
(Jane Jenkins Herlong, author of Rhinestones on My Flip Flops)

Fatal Floss
(Mark Leslie, author of The Crossing)

Dolce far Niente for Authors: Reclaiming the Long-Lost Art and Sweetness of Doing Absolutely Nothing
(Patricia Beal, author of A Season to Dance)

How to Keep Going When You’re Going Through Hell
(W. Clay Smith, blogger at

Falling Through the Cracks
(Texie Susan Gregory, author of Slender Reeds: Jochebed’s Story)

My First Week In Heaven (photos included)
(Chris Storm, author at

Frenemies Forever
(Alice Wootson, author of the upcoming historical novel, Hannah’s Freedom)

100 Publishers that Don’t Require a Platform
(Lori Hatcher, author/blogger, Hungry for God … Starving for Time)

Wannabe Wallaby
(Mark Leslie, author of The Crossing)

Chili Frito Pie at Possum Trot
(Debra Coleman Jeter, author of the upcoming Sugar Sands series)

When the Fat Lady Refuses to Sing
(Karen Lynn Nolan, author of the upcoming Appalachian novel, Above the Fog)

Willie Wonka Diet Craze Works!: Sugar Is Good, Veggies Are Bad
(Chris Storm, author at

Reining in Rogue Characters: Rewriting the Plot When a Character Changes Your Mind
(Kim Teague, author of The Secret of Jenny’s Portrait)

The Sanity Clause
(Debra Coleman Jeter, author of The Ticket)

The Second Star
(Texie Susan Gregory, author of Slender Reeds: Jochebed’s Story)

Miraculous Events God Made to Change History in the last 200 Years
(Dan Balow, agent extraordinaire)

Your Turn

What would YOUR answer be? What “dream title” would be irresistible to you, and maybe even prime the pump of creativity (of course, you may want to keep in mind that you can’t copyright a title, so if you share a title of an actual work you envision, someone may use it!).



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