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Perfect Christian Book Titles

Once in a while, an author and/or publisher come up with the perfect title for a Christian book.

Not just something which explains the contents, but the perfect title. No wasted words. It just leaves you speechless.

The best title ever (in my humble opinion) was Joel Osteen’s bestseller, Your Best Life Now.

It’s perfect.

It’s not about someone else, it’s about you. It doesn’t promise a “better life,” it promises a “Best Life.” And there is no waiting around for it because it happens “Now.”

The book sold millions and now you know why. It started with the perfect title.

In second place is Kevin Leman’s parenting title, Have A New Kid By Friday.

If this isn’t the best promise for parents everywhere, I can’t think of one better. Every word would resonate with a harried parent.

There is even a sequel, Have A New Husband By Friday, which would make me nervous if I saw my wife reading it.

Honorable mention in the non-fiction category goes to The Purpose Driven Life and Jesus Calling. Awesome titles.

In the fiction category, This Present Darkness and Left Behind are pretty powerful contestants for the top award, but nothing has toppled Joel Osteen’s title for sheer promise-power.

Finding the right title for a book can be easy or complicated. Depending on factors such as marketing or author preference, it can be a tug of war between different agendas.

But sometimes, ideas for book titles flow like a river.

Here are some other titles, which might trigger an idea for your book. Sometimes the creative process starts with a title and works backward to the written pages. This is my hope today.

So here you go:

Non-Fiction Titles to Inspire Christian writers

Nothing is Your Fault

Knowing God Without Studying the Bible or Going to Church

Not Thy Will, But Mine!

No Time at all Devotions

The Sixty-Four Year Bible: Reading the Bible one verse per day

Memorize the Five Shortest Verses in the Bible

Don’t Change a Thing: You are Perfect Now

On The Fly Bible Studies: No Prep Discipleship

Have a New Pastor By Sunday

You’ve Done Enough: Saying no to ministry service

You Know Enough: Saying no to small group studies

You’ve Had Enough: Steering Clear of annoying ministry people

I Am a Semi-Regular Church Attender…Sort of

Christ Returns on __(Insert Date)___

They Were Right, Millennials ARE Special

Shut the Eye With the Log In It: Finding Sin in Others


Suggestions for novels:

The Boils of Egypt

King Eglon and the Dagger of Truth

The NSA Tracks You to Alpharetta, Georgia (extendable series, to any town or locale)

Godzilla Comes to Shipshewana: Pitchforks Weren’t Enough to Stop Him

The Poison Chili of Cincinnati: Five-Way? No-Way


There you go, the publishing world awaits.

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