What Am I Looking For?


I started in Christian publishing in 1983 working in the telemarketing department for David C. Cook Publishers when they were located in Elgin, Illinois.   As a young guy working for a company that had been around for over 100 years, I was in awe.

Starting to work for Steve Laube and with professionals like Karen Ball and Tamela Hancock Murray, I am stunned once again.  We combine for over 100 years of experience in Christian publishing…but at least it is spread around to four people!

My years working in the industry not only have taught me the nuts and bolts of publishing, but also how to treat people.  We are people with specific strengths, gifted by God and passionate about communicating God’s grace and truth to the world.  I am excited to begin the journey.

What am I looking for?

Fiction and non-fiction with a core of great story.  Story is not limited to fiction, just as teaching lessons isn’t limited to non-fiction.   My early days were spent in advertising learning that the best advertising was engaging and interesting…not just information.  So, I have spent a lifetime being affected by stories…and feel that books need to have that element.

While I personally read biographies, history and business books for enjoyment, I know the Christian market reads more than that…not to mention that the majority of buyers are not boomer males just like me!

So, what am I looking for?

  1. Books that have an obvious Christian message – Everyone wants a “cross-over” best-seller, but honestly, the best selling Christian books in the general trade have had a blatant Christian theme.
  2. Non-Fiction and fiction with themes that support orthodox theology – new theology or new revelations are not true.  If it’s true, it’s not new and if it’s new, it’s not true! (Credit to Greg Laurie)
  3. Authors that are thinking about marketing – forgive my roots.  As an old marketing guy, that’s how I think.  Authors with an audience, a platform, a passion…we can talk about it.

Just like you, the agents with The Steve Laube Agency have gotten to this point in our lives by exercising our gifts, dealing with disappointment and learning to trust God more and more each day.  May God grant me the wisdom to serve wisely.

Proposals can be sent to an assistant’s address: vseem@www.stevelaube.com.


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Dan Balow Joins The Steve Laube Agency

by Steve Laube

I am very excited to announce that Dan Balow has joined our agency as the Director of Publishing Development and Literary Agent. This gives us four members of our team, me, Tamela Hancock Murray, Karen Ball, and Dan.

I’ve been looking for ways to increase the services our agency provides to current and potential clients. I have known Dan for 15 years and by adding him to our agency we can expand our role in helping to maximize our client’s sales, work with ministries and organizations to develop their publishing efforts, and expand our reach internationally. Dan’s strengths are his understanding of book marketing, what it takes to be successful in the current publishing environment and how all the pieces of the publishing “puzzle” fit together. Our team has expertise in all facets of the industry, writer, bookseller, editor, marketer, agent, executive management, and publisher.

Dan is a 30 year veteran of the Christian publishing industry. He was the director of marketing for Tyndale House Publishers working with authors Francine Rivers, James Dobson, Josh McDowell, Charles Colson and many others.

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