16 Responses to Fun Fridays – February 10, 2017

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    Ron Andrea February 10, 2017 at 6:13 am #

    Of course. What your point? 😉

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    Terry February 10, 2017 at 6:53 am #

    Oh yes! The sounds, the smells, the textures, the any-kind-of-bookmarks. Loved it.

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    Carol Ashby February 10, 2017 at 6:56 am #

    Ah, the pleasure of holding a physical book rather than a Kindle! I love the smell of the books when I walk into the library. The velvety feel of the matte finish on POD books is pure pleasure.

    My rabid-reader millennial son always buys hardcopy. Even though I made the ebook free if you buy the paperback, only about a third of the folks who buy hardcopy claim the free ebook. I usually do. I like hardcopy better, but I carry a Fire in my purse so I’m never without a book.

    I wonder if all the people who used to predict that print would vanish were avid readers themselves. Unless health demands it, who would drink skim milk when you can have the feel and flavor of the full-fat drink?

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    Patti Jo Moore February 10, 2017 at 7:22 am #

    I saw myself in this!! Even the frame that shows settling in with a good book, lighting a candle, and sipping my cup of coffee – – and of course using whatever is available for a bookmark (and yes, sniffing the pages of a new book, LOL).

    Thanks for sharing – – this gave me a smile and just another reminder of why I LOVE physical books (even though I’ve grown to love my Kindle too, still…there’s nothing like a “real book”!). 🙂

    Blessings on your weekend. 🙂

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    Cynthia Herron February 10, 2017 at 7:23 am #

    Steve, I could identify with everything in this video. Everything.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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    Katie Powner February 10, 2017 at 7:40 am #

    Definitely made me smile. And want to go read a book.

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    Melissa Henderson February 10, 2017 at 8:03 am #

    Oh my goodness! Laughing out loud because this reminds me of myself. Thank you for the laughter today. Have a blessed weekend!

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    Robyn Hook February 10, 2017 at 9:04 am #

    Oh no, no, no! I love electronic books. I never have to search for them, always have a bookmark, they never get dirty, or clutter up my shelves. They are cheaper, save paper, and time. I don’t have to lug a big Bible to church along with all my kid’s stuff anymore. I wish I could have all the books I own saved electronically. Smelling dusty books? I don’t get it!

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      Carol Ashby February 10, 2017 at 10:15 am #

      I agree that ebooks are super convenient, Robyn. There are lots of times when an ebook is handier than a physical copy except for having to be where you can charge the reader―a concern when camping. But when I got my pelvis cracked when the driver ran the red and hit my door, she also cracked the screen of my Fire. I went 2 days without being able to read. If I’d had a paperback in my purse that day, I wouldn’t have been bored almost to tears.

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        Robyn Hook February 10, 2017 at 7:34 pm #

        Oh, no! I haven’t had that happen yet. But I have had my Bible refuse to turn on. 😮

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    Cindy Fowell February 10, 2017 at 9:09 am #

    Wow! How refreshing to know such behaviors are wide spread. Thanks, Steve, the grin on my face is wide and I now know I’m normal.

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    Sheri Dean Parmelee February 10, 2017 at 9:09 am #

    But,Steve, he left one out- reading a book while blow drying your hair. I do that all the time…..it’s amazing how many books you can read while doing that 8 minutes a day!

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    Patti Lee February 10, 2017 at 2:25 pm #

    Yes. That.

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    Christine L. Henderson February 10, 2017 at 3:14 pm #

    I smiled seeing him peel off the new price sticker to see what the old one was. I do that all the time!

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    Peter DeHaan February 10, 2017 at 6:04 pm #

    I was so relieved that he didn’t fold over the corner of the page to mark his place. Whew!

    (As far as peeling the stickers off the back, yep, I do that. It’s a compulsion.)

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    Joey Rudder February 11, 2017 at 12:02 pm #

    Ahhhh yes!! 🙂

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