Let Creativity Flow (Part Two)


I love the ideas you all shared about finding and sparking creativity. It’s fascinating to see how we’re all wired different. My next few blogs will share some additional things you can do to refill the wells of creativity. Have fun!

1. Disconnect from technology. Okay, don’t hyperventilate. But think about it. We have to be the most connected, available, interruptable people ever! Give yourself a break–literally. Shut off the phone, the computer, and anything else with an on/off switch. Focus on the silence. And what God has to tell you in the midst of it.

2. Regain Perspective. Remember, it’s not about you. Sure, it feels like it is, but it’s really not. It’s about what God wants to accomplish. So step away from yourself. Got mountains close by? The ocean? Anything bigger than you? Look at it. Let the sight of something truly huge and majestic remind you of your place in the world. And then remember that the God who created ALL of that beauty and majesty, not only created you, but CHOSE you as his child. And breathed into you His Spirit. And His creativity.

3. Go the other direction. Study something smaller than you (on a physical plane, that is). To to a playground and watch the kids. Take closeup photos of flowers, insects, leaves…whatever is around you. Look at the intricate way they’re made.

4. Read the Hymns. Many of you mentioned reading Scripture, but I also encourage you to read the older hymns. If you want to see concise, emotive writing, that’s the place to go. Amazing stories told in just a few stanzas. Then try writing your own hymn.

5. Accept the emptiness. I know, I know, we want to keep going. Progress. Reach the goal. Push through the lack of creativity. But here’s what I’ve learned in the midst of my journey: the detours ARE the journey. All those things getting in your way, those obstacles keeping you from accomplishing your goals? Maybe they’re God’s way of putting the brakes on what you’re focused on so He can get you refocused. On Him. And His plans for you.

 More ideas to come next week, so stay tuned. And until then, write on!

7 Responses to Let Creativity Flow (Part Two)

  1. Sandra Ardoin January 18, 2012 at 5:55 am #

    Thanks for the suggestions, Karen. I particularly liked the reminder that it’s not all about me. It’s about what God wants to accomplish.

  2. Heidi Chiavaroli January 18, 2012 at 7:03 am #

    A very timely post for me. Since God is the Master Creator, it makes sense to go to Him when our well runs dry. I think the key is to seek Him daily, even moment-by-moment, before this happens. Why do I always wait so long? 🙂

    Thanks for this post, Karen!

  3. Lindsay Harrel January 18, 2012 at 7:33 am #

    It definitely is so easy to get sucked in by technology. Thanks for these great suggestions!

  4. Ruth Douthitt January 18, 2012 at 8:27 am #

    So very true! I go running weekly to get away from technology. When I run up a small mountain by our house, I unplug the iPod and just listen to the quiet around me. It really does refresh the mind and cause me to relax.

    Good suggestions!!

  5. Patty Smith Hall January 18, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

    I’m one of those rare people who like to sit in the park and write longhand. There is just something freeing in not having technology(not even a radio) that mades my creativity fire on all cylinders.

    And sitting in the park–watching the seasons change, every thing around you still and quiet–is a great way to spend time with God.

  6. Jessie Gunderson January 18, 2012 at 9:27 pm #

    Oh so true. My husband and I just talked tonight about life being IN the journey not the arrival. Great ideas! Now I’ve got to go dig out my old hymnal. 🙂

  7. Pete Eleazar Missing January 19, 2012 at 3:27 am #

    I embrace all you have said. Here is an idea though. Parents beget firstborn sons, because for lack of experience they overcompensate. With a second child, parents will have learnt to minimise what were previously big issues and so beget a more free spirited child. As such, I often counsel parents to adjust their responses to firstborn behaviours, down to about 80% of their instinctive response, which is at least closer to how they would respond to subsequent kids. Creativity needs something of that. Sure there are deadlines and you must react to that, but try responding as though they are not there or not as pressing – and you will be more in the zone. Another point I learnt from creativity sessions in business is to generate a stimulating environment – the way I do that, and it will always work for all of us, is to talk openly about your roadblock. As you do so, you will liberate your subconscious and allow locked in thoughts to express though your conversation. Counsellors use the same technique to surface the unarticulated solutions you have hidden in your soul, by asking leading questions. I find that a cup of coffee with my wife or children can really liberate my creativity, but a time spent walking the hills talking to God always, always, always leads to new ideas from the most creative heart in all the universe.

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