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Give Yourself a Break

George Bernard Shaw said it best: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” Sometimes you just need a break from it all. A few minutes to distract your brain, or even—dare I say it?–have a bit of flat-out fun. For some that means making a beeline for some kind of snack, and that’s fine. But here are some other things you can try. (And one even lets you help the hungry as you have fun.)

10-Minute Fun Breaks:

Play with the dog

Watch the birds (or squirrels) in the feeder

Grab your camera, go outside, and take pictures

Go to the playground and watch the kids. Better yet, join them on the swings, slide, etc.

Take a cat nap (Hey, the older I get, the more fun sleep is!)

Play a quick game of ping-pong

Put on your favorite music and crank it up!

Color (and feel free to go outside the lines).

Watch funny videos on Wimp.com

Longer Breaks

Play cards or a board game

Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while

Paint a picture—no, not with words. With actual paints and a canvas!

Read one chapter of a book

Games to put on your smart device:

Words with Friends

Hanging with Friends—gives hanging out a whole new meaning

Word Streak with Friends—For those who love Boggle (and if you don’t, what’s wrong with you??)

Online fun:

Test your vocabulary AND help the hungry—

Electronic Poetry: We all have a poet trapped inside—

An online game for the Boggle folks

For a daily writing prompt

Or you can just to go www.wordgames.com and take your pick!

Okay, have at it! And have fun.



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