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028 2019 Trends in Christian Publishing With Michial Miller of the NPD BookScan

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What are the trends in Christian publishing? What is hot? What is not? And what’s up with those millennials? We talk about all this and more in this episode of the Christian Publishing Show. Joining us today is Michial Miller a Christian Publishing Expert at NPD BookScan, studying the Christian Market, as well as the Academic and Trade Markets.

  • What is the NPD BookScan?
  • Where do you get your data?
  • What trends are you seeing in Christian Publishing right now?
    • What is up?
    • What is down?
  • Let’s focus on millennials, what kind of trends are you seeing with millennials?
  • Let’s talk about LifeWay closing, what’s the impact on the market?
  • What are you seeing in your data regarding indie bookstores?
  • Ok, let’s talk audiobooks. There has been a lot of hype around audiobooks, some of which has been on this show. Do the numbers back up the hype or are audiobooks overrated?

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