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How to Write a Biblically Accurate Book with Catherine DeVries

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One of the big differences between Christian and non-Christian books is that Christian books have an absolute standard of truth they are compared to. Or, put another way, Christian books are all a derivative of the Bible in one way or another. We are a people of the Book, and so biblical accuracy is important. 

Christian readers expect biblical accuracy; and if they are not confident in the author’s orthodoxy, they won’t buy the book. So what does it mean to write a biblically accurate book and how can you be biblically accurate in your writing?

We have a special guest to help answer that question. 

She is the publisher of Kregel Publications, with nearly 30 years of experience in Christian publishing and a proven track record of crafting best-selling Bibles, books, and ministry resources for all ages. 

Catherine DeVries, welcome to the Christian Publishing Show!

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