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The Gift of Readers

I thought it apropos to talk about gifts during this Christmas season.

There is one gift in particular that has been given to us year round. You.

As a reader of this blog you give us the gift of your time, energy, and attention. According to Google Analytics there have been over 70,000 users who have visited our site more than once this year. I had no idea. If only one percent of those returnees have received something valuable, it is all worth it.

[Disclaimer: It is likely that most of those “returnees” are internet bots which crawl repeatedly through the internet, indexing data. I doubt if an audience the size of Pawtucket, Rhode Island has visited us more than once!]

Despite the disclaimer, there’s a take-away for writers in this statistic. Your words have no impact or ministry until they are read. The work you put into your writing is done so that when (not if) your words are read, they take on meaning to the reader. No matter how few or how many readers there are, you meet each one, individually.

And that is the gift. The gift of writing. The gift of reading. The gift of growing through that experience.

My prayer is that you will continue to visit. That our words will be of some help on your writing journey. And that together we can help shine the light of redemption into a world stumbling in darkness.

Merry Christmas to all!



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