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Intangible Conference Benefits

Recently I blogged about whether or not authors make money by attending conferences. While that’s not always easy to determine through cold, hard math, what you can calculate, though in a more fuzzy way, are intangible benefits:

  • Connecting with Internet friends in person.
  • Meeting authors previously unknown to you.
  • Sharing time with others who understand your victories and struggles.
  • Shaking hands with authors whose work you have admired for years.
  • Interviewing agents to see which one may be a good fit for you.
  • Seeing several editors representing your dream publishing houses.
  • Receiving advice from publishing professionals.
  • Hearing speeches from top speakers.
  • Worshipping with others.
  • Attending book signings.
  • Learning in many varied classes.
  • Forging new relationships.
  • Strengthening established relationships.

While none of these may result in cash at the moment, all are part of your writing journey and personal growth. These might be the most important benefits of all.

Your turn:

What intangible benefits did I miss?

Do you have a conference story to share?

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