Author Tamela Hancock Murray

The Writing Life Compared

As Soon as Your Book Is Published (Unpublished Author Edition)

  • Your hair will become fuller, lusher, and shinier.
  • You will only write a thousand words a day to make a million dollars a year.
  • You’ll be a bestselling author, and every book will float to the top of the charts.
  • You will be the most popular author at writers conferences.
  • Aspiring authors will fawn over you, keen for your wisdom.
  • You can spend most of your time traveling for leisure and to conferences.
  • Your patina of literary accomplishment will impress friends, family, and strangers.
  • Your editor will never touch your work because of your brilliance.

As Soon as Your Book Is Published (Published Author Edition)

  • Your hair may be a mess since you have no time to visit the salon.
  • You have to write like a fiend every day to make bank.
  • You find that bestseller lists are mercurial.
  • Conferences engage lots of fashionable authors.
  • Teaching fawning writers is work.
  • You have to schedule business and leisure travel around deadlines.
  • Patina doesn’t pay the electric bill.
  • Your editor may exercise his latitude to request comprehensive rewrites.
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