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Now more than ever, people are using social media to share their opinions and their anxieties. Sharing can be therapeutic and helpful. We all need to know we are not alone during this stressful time.

Yet, in the matter of business concerns, social media can cause undue and unwarranted anxiety.

When we represent you as an author, part of our job as your literary agent is to answer your questions. We offer you the best information we can to let you know our perspective based on years in this industry. Combined, our agents have over 80 years of industry experience. As we strive to offer you our best representation, we are mindful of making every effort to reflect our Lord.

Social media doesn’t offer the same assurance. Sensing the informality of the platforms, since they feel like a small gathering of friends instead of a place of international sharing, sincere Christians sometimes indulge in unhelpful outbursts and emotions.

The key is to distinguish helpful versus unhelpful words in all parts of life and to find the answers. Comments may seem beneficial at first blush, and being useful is most people’s intent. But if remarks cause you anxiety, follow your gut. Ask the person who is your special advocate – your agent – to get their take on business situations. Of course, your agent shouldn’t paint a picture that is too rosy just to assuage you. However, a balanced, thoughtful answer is what you need at this time. Plus, your agent can address your specific concerns privately, as news applies to you.

So please don’t stew about anything on social media. Come to us. Speaking for myself, feel free to come to me about personal concerns, too. I’m here for you. And I still especially want to know all about the shoe sales!


Your turn:

How has social media blessed you lately?

Have posts caused you anxiety? What did you do to alleviate that anxiety?

What tips can you offer?

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