018 Tribe Building and Trends in Publishing

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Where is Christian publishing heading? To help answer these questions, today we are talking with Alice Crider the Editorial Director at David C Cook and an international speaker.

Alice welcome to the Christian Publishing Show.

Before we get started I want to tell you about how great your team at David C Cook is. As you know I am not just a literary agent, I’m also a podcaster and I run a podcast production company. David C Cook is one of my clients. I had a bad case of baby brain and I under invoiced David C Cook and not only did you accountant catch it, she let me know so I could invoice the correct amount. So not only a great character but great competence as well. Congratulations!

ok, So let’s get started:


  • What are some of the trends you see in Christian Publishing right now? (Expect a lot of follow up questions here)
  • Can authors go from indie to traditional?
  • What kind of trends do you see with audiobooks?


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    Maco Stewart April 2, 2019 at 8:55 am #

    Thomas, I heartily recommend you remind us that the option exists to speed up your podcasts (by touching the button that by default say 1 in the player but can say 1.5 or 2). For me, listening to an otherwise 20 minute spoken message seems imprisoning, unless I’m in my car. I love your content, and this discussion was extremely valuable, but I never would have listened unless I’d tried the 1.5 setting.

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