News You Can Use – April 16, 2013

This is Your Brain on E-books – From the MIT Technological Review. Bless you David Zax.

The Non-essential Comma Quiz – A great exercise from Dianna Booher. Did you pass the quiz?

E-Books Sales Growth Slowed in 2012 – From Forbes magazine. Of course it slowed. Few things can sustain over 100% growth each and every year. At some point the statistics catch up.

42 Traits of the Perfect Reader – Fun stuff from the readers of The Book Riot blog.

The Top 200 Ministry Blogs – An incredibly valuable list of the top Christian Ministry blogs ranked by audience. Use these social metrics to see where your blog might rank. An exercise in “platform” size.

How Long Should You Keep Old Documents? – Timely article considering you’ve just completed Tax time.

Why Your Cell Phone Does Not have a Dial tone – Who knew? It was a decision made back in the early days of mobile technology.

What Happens to Your Online Stuff Once You Are Gone? – Google is actually addressing this. I’d recommend you put this type of thing into your Will or at least into some family documents.

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