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Enclave Publishing Has Been Sold!

Enclave Publishing has been sold to Oasis Family Media!

Many of you know of my love for the speculative fiction genre. Almost eight years ago, I purchased a small company called Marcher Lord Press and rebranded it as Enclave Publishing. Through many twists and turns, Enclave has been successfully positioned as a strong outlet for quality speculative fiction from authors with a Christian worldview. In fact, our authors have won multiple Christy Awards, Carol Awards, and Realm Makers awards over the years. In addition, there has been considerable investment into the growth of the company, increasing the annual title output, and getting the books to market, while eventually releasing each new book in hardcover.

It has long been my opinion that to take Enclave to the next level it would need a strong, established partner that had a sales and marketing team to focus on getting the books into the hands of more readers.

A New Owner

The new owner of Enclave Publishing is Oasis Family Media. You are likely familiar with their audio division, Oasis Audio, which has been a successful publisher for many decades. They recently began bringing all the Enclave titles into the audio format, which started the conversation that led to our new partnership.

I am very excited that they want to keep our existing Enclave editorial and production team together. Each person currently involved will continue as before. I still get to set the vision for the imprint and acquire all new titles for Enclave. This will help with continuity and continue to solidify our author connections.

(In case you are wondering, my work as an agent has not changed; it has never changed! That is still my focus and full-time job. For all intents and purposes, nothing is different.)

Enclave will continue to release 12 or more new titles per year; and now the sales, marketing, accounting, and distribution will be masterfully handled by people who have expertise in each area.

You may sense my excitement for the future of Enclave and for the genre as a whole. This is something I’ve been hoping would happen in the Christian market for a long time. It is a dream come true to be a part of that!

Below is the official press release:


Oasis Family Media Acquires Enclave Publishing
The speculative fiction house represents OFM’s first step into print publishing

CAROL STREAM, IL, December 6, 2021—Oasis Family Media today announced the acquisition of Enclave Publishing, a leading independent publisher of Christian speculative fiction whose catalog includes 2021 Christy Award–winners Forsaken Island by Sharon Hinck and Mortal Sight by Sandra Fernadez Rhoads.

As of January 1, 2022, Enclave Publishing will be a division of Oasis Family Media, alongside Oasis Audio and its imprints, Paperback Classics and Hollywoodland Audiobooks.

Steve Laube, founder and publisher of Enclave, will remain the publisher and curator of the brand. Laube said, “We are truly excited about this opportunity. I have long believed that speculative fiction is unique in its ability to tell fantastic stories of philosophical and theological depth. This new partnership will give these books the support they need to reach new and, hopefully, ravenous readers.”

Oasis Audio announced an exclusive audio publishing agreement with Enclave Publishing in September. The move to acquire Enclave in its entirety will expand Oasis Family Media’s extensive catalog of audiobooks to include print editions for the first time in the company’s history.

Oasis Family Media CEO Jonathan Morris said, “We at Oasis Family Media are thrilled to bring Enclave Publishing on board. For a while now, Oasis has considered expanding into the world of print and I am excited for the opportunity to do so alongside a team with whom we share a common vision. I believe that Enclave and Oasis are a perfect fit, and I look forward to working together to build something truly great.”

Oasis Family Media has made several significant collection acquisitions in recent years under the direction of Oasis Audio Publisher and Oasis Family Media President Steve Smith, including an exclusive master audiobook license with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

“Enclave will continue to do what they do best — science fiction, fantasy and steampunk stories told through a Christian lens,” Smith said. “Enclave sets the standard for Christian speculative fiction. They bring incredible artistry and imagination, and we look forward to bringing these stories to an even broader audience.”

Enclave Publishing print and audiobook editions will be available on all major platforms.

About Oasis Family Media Oasis Family Media shares stories that spark wonder — from beloved classic tales to brilliant new adventures. OFM is home to Oasis Audio, one of the largest independent audiobook publishers in the United States, as well as two imprints: Paperback Classics and Hollywoodland Audiobooks. Oasis Audio is the exclusive audio publisher of the complete Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library. The full OFM catalog comprises more than 1,700 titles, adding 200 new audiobooks annually. To learn more, visit

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