News You Can Use – August 28, 2012

The Beloit College Mindset List for 2016 – Read it and weep. You are getting old. Admit it. For example, for the incoming college freshman (born in 1994), – “History has always had its own channel” and “Simba has always had trouble waiting to be King.”

How to Create a Perfect Title – Calvin Miller and Rick Warren discussed this issue as it related to their sermons in this article from 1998’s Leadership Journal. It is still excellent advice for your books, articles, and blog posts.

What Successful People Do During the First Hour of their Day – It is fun to read such idealism….When e-mail is critical to your business this advice isn’t that helpful…

Top 10 Tips for Editing a Book – simple advice, yet so accurate. Do you have any you could add to the list?

Paperbacks Changed the Way We Read Books – And now e-books are creating a similar disruption. But note that paperbacks did not “ruin the industry.”

Eight Facts About Writing That Surprise Prospective Novelists – Some frank talk from another author. He exaggerates #4 and I disagree with #6. But #3 had me nodding in emphatic agreement.

Forbes magazine lists the top earning authors in 2011. How soon will you join this group?

James Patterson ($94 million)

Stephen King ($39 million)

Janet Evanovich ($33 million)

John Grisham ($26 million)

Jeff Kinney ($25 million)

Bill O’Reilly ($24 million)

Nora Roberts ($23 million)

Danielle Steel ($23 million)

Suzanne Collins ($20 million)

Dean Koontz ($19 million)

J. K. Rowling ($17 million)

George R. R. Martin ($15 million)

Stephenie Meyer ($14 million)

Ken Follett ($14 million)

Rick Riordan ($13 million)

2 Responses to News You Can Use – August 28, 2012

  1. Dana McNeely August 28, 2012 at 5:28 am #

    The Beloit College List is always fun to read. As a person who loves to learn, I’ve found that change is equally exciting and uncomfortable. But the items on the list do make you chuckle. Reminds me of the time, long ago, when my much younger little sister said, “You’re out of ice-we’ll have to go to the store.” I pulled out the handy-dandy ice cube tray and told her I’d make some. She said, “Really! Do you have the recipe?”

  2. Jeanne August 28, 2012 at 5:55 am #

    Great articles. The article on the top ten editing tips was most helpful. I also appreciate your thoughts on the Eight Facts About Writing. Some of these I’d heard. It’s good to get a glimpse of your thoughts on these points. 🙂

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