News You Can Use – Dec. 11, 2012

Timing your book’s launch date for maximum impact – This post by Alan Rinzler is a MUST READ for every author. Think about where your book would fit most effectively and talk to your publisher about it. If you self-publish you have no one to blame but yourself for missing the opportunity to maximize your release date.

NY Times Creates Separate Middle Grade & YA Bestsellers Lists – Now there are only 2500 bestseller lists to track… (kidding!) It is a measure of how strong this category has become.

11 Essential Things to Know If You Want to Write Fiction for a Living – Luc Reid provides some sage advice.

How to De-Risk Publishing – Steve Rosenbaum writes a great post that should be read by every author. (Steve is the author of Curation Nation a book I previously recommended.)

Do You Cringe When Authors Market Their Books? – Dan Blank writes frankly about ways to avoid the flinch or the “delete” button.

Random House Employees Enjoy 5,000 Shades of Green – Due to the success of Fifty Shades of Gray each RH employee will receive a $5,000 bonus this Christmas. RH sends a message to the industry that they’ve had a great year and that their fiscal bottom line is “quite healthy, thank you very much.” Experts who predict the demise of the publishing conglomerate will wait till next quarter to renew their criticism, for now they’ve sort of been silenced.

Author Bill Bryson Sues Former Agent – Good for Mr. Bryson. Another reason to be careful and do your due diligence before signing with an agent. Feel free to ask us any questions (green button in the right hand column) about how we conduct our business. Put it this way, we’ve never had a complaint in the 9 ½ years our agency has been in business.






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