News You Can Use – Feb. 12, 2013

The Pope Announces His Resignation – First time this has happened in nearly 600 years. The last time was in 1415. Put that in historical perspective…Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Martin Luther was born in 1483. This is a really big deal in Church history whether you are Catholic or not.

Lawsuit Threatened by Attorney Representing Author and Publisher of Bestselling book ‘The Harbinger – Read this article. Some of the darker side of the publishing world.

Bookish – A New Website to Help Recommend Books – This launched last week to much fanfare. Took two years to develop. Try it out. It works fairly well. EXCEPT the selections are limited, for now, to only the catalogs of the major publishers involved. For example I couldn’t find Frances Chan. One analyst gives reasons why it will survive and why it won’t.   (By the way, don’t forget which helps you find your next Christian novel to read. A very well done recommendation site.)

Copyright Controversy Just Won’t Go Away – If you care about protecting your intellectual property you owe it to yourself to stay informed on the various issues and changes afoot.

Amazon Coins Coming in May – Fascinating press release from Amazon. A way to keep money within their own eco-system and avoid bank fees and other issues. Like I said, “Fascinating.”

Seven Productivity Myths, Debunked by Science (and Common Sense) – Alan Henry looks at various theories of getting things done, like “Getting up early is more productive.”

How Big is the Universe? – Watch this short six minute video attempting to explain the massive distances in the galaxy. At the 5:30 mark the scientist makes a comparison to a grain of sand. Our God is a big God.

2 Responses to News You Can Use – Feb. 12, 2013

  1. Gail Helgeson February 12, 2013 at 8:40 am #

    Thanks for the reminder this morning that I serve a REALLY BIG GOD.
    Too wonderful to comprehend HE cares for me. Gives new meaning to the verses about knowing the number of hairs on my head.

  2. Lancia E. Smith February 12, 2013 at 11:18 am #

    Thanks, Steve. The article on copyright is especially unsettling in regard to the legal maze and the ethical issues. Agents and attorneys become increasingly important to navigate these strange waters.

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