News You Can Use – June 18, 2013

Self-Published eBooks Account for 12% of the Entire Digital Market – Watch the stats for trends.

How People Read Online – Does this mean I have to shorten my blog posts? And if I do will you still skip the last 2/3rds of what I write anyway?

Three Scriptural Cautions Against Self-Publishing – Do you agree or disagree? (and then read the next link below)

Three Reasons to Support Self-Publishing – A rebuttal to the previous link. I appreciate careful discourse and debate that does not devolve into chaos. This point-counterpoint is a wonderful example of how to conduct this type of conversation.

Did You Forget to Pay Royalties for Singing “Happy Birthday”? – A fascinating article which tells of a company who is suing to get “Happy Birthday” declared public domain. Ever wonder why restaurants all have their own song for celebrating birthdays? They don’t want to receive an invoice from the copyright holder who makes $5,000,000 a year in royalties.

3 mistakes to avoid when following up on a pitch – This article can be applied to pitching editors and agents too.

10 Blogging Tactics To Maximize Long-Term Results – Excellent advice from Heidi Cohen. I get this kind of question a lot from authors trying to use their blog to market their books.

The Overwhelming Force of “Gradual” – Seth Godin talks about building low and slow for maximum success.

3 Responses to News You Can Use – June 18, 2013

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    Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound June 18, 2013 at 4:47 am #

    Thanks for including these terrific resources. I’ll tweet several of them. And I’m honored that you included my blog post on “3 mistakes to avoid when following up on a pitch.”

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    Joseph Bentz June 18, 2013 at 9:02 am #

    “How People Read Online” is a fascinating article. It makes me wonder how these tiny attention spans are affecting the way people read books. You did some posts on why you don’t read a book all the way to the end, and I think that practice of abandoning a book in the middle will become more common, even when the book is good.

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    J.D. Maloy June 18, 2013 at 9:13 am #

    While reading Ms. Cohen’s article something clicked. One of her top 10 tactics is Publish Consistently and I am relieved that she recommended a few times a week. I immediately thought publish consistently, but not constantly. When you publish online make it count. Got it. Again, what relief!

    Thank you, Ms. Stewart, for reminding us “pitchers” to be patient, and that no one likes a stalker.

    The Happy Birthday article…sigh. People’s passions these days. Did anyone glance through some of the comments below? Wow.

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