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Go Ahead: Take an Online Break

Wow, what great sites you all shared. Thanks so much for letting us in on your online breaks. So here are the places I like to go when I need a break. Some are great for just a few minutes, some give a nice long break. But they’re all great fun! (click the headlines below)

History in the Headlines: Writers

This is the History Channel’s collection of fascinating stories about writers throughout history. I’ve learned all kinds of fun facts here.

Grammar Gorilla

Hey, it’s grammar, and it’s gorillas. Who could ask for anything more? Test yoru grammar skills and earn bananas.

Snoopy the Author cartoons

A delightful collection on Pinterest of Snoopy the Author cartoons. I love these things!

Language is a Virus

This is one of my all-time favorite online break sites, primarily because it has so many fun things you can do. For example:

*Electronic Poetry Kit

You may have the magnetic version of this. I do. In fact, I have several versions of magnetic poetry on my fridge. It’s great fun. Well, now you don’t have to go to your fridge to play with it. You can hop on over to this site and make poetry with a variety of kits, from the Stephen King kit to the Oscar Wilde kit to the Sylvia Plath kit. Enjoy!

*Writing Prompts

Sometimes all you need is one idea to get you going. Well, here’s the place to get it.

*Writing Exercises

More than you can get through in a whole lot of breaks.

I Write Like

Ever wondered what famous author you write like? Well, hop on over to this site, write a little bit, and it will tell you. I love writing in different ways and voices, to see how many different authors I am. <grin>


And, of course, there’s always a shopping break. Here are the sites I enjoy when I want to find a fun writing-focused tool or gift to reward myself with after meeting a goal:

Etsy: Gifts for Writers


Writers Store

The Literary Gift Company




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