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How Much is My First Printing Going to Be? – Just-in-Time Inventory and efficient printing technology has made that question irrelevant. Richard Curtis helps writers understand the new lingo.

Owners of eReaders and Tablets Are Heavy Readers of Printed Versions ofMagazines and Newspapers – This is the headline from a recent survey taken of 26,000 people by Gfk MRI. Also noted that women are 52% more likely than men to own an e-reader, and men are 24% more likely than women to own a tablet.

Ann Patchett talks to the Arizona Republic about her new novel State of Wonder.

Celebrate 40 Years of Project Gutenberg – Last Monday was the 40th anniversary of Project Gutenberg whose goal has been to digitize public domain books of significance. They now have over 36,000 titles available.

The Millennials – The Millennials by Thom Rainer and Jess Rainer is this month’s free audio book from ChristianAudio. It is worth your time to “read” this book!

Ellery Adams reveals how much money she makes as a writer. – Read this very carefully and comment below with your conclusions.

YouVersion is THE Bible translation app to have on your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. Developed by a church in Oklahoma City, it is free and works offline to make it the ultimate digital companion. Join the other one million users today!
Below is a wonderful infographic illustrating an incredible 20 million bookmarks have been created by users:

4 Responses to News You Can Use

  1. Jill Kemerer July 12, 2011 at 6:07 am #

    The info about women using e-readers and men preferring tablets doesn’t surprise me. I know quite a few men with tablets, but all my lady friends use Kindles and Nooks.

    Also, I subscribe to many print magazines. It would be very hard for me to switch to digital on those! I love glossy paper and the thrill of the latest issue in my mailbox.

    Great links! Can’t wait to check the rest out!

  2. Pegg Thomas July 12, 2011 at 6:15 am #

    Bad link on the e-reader article.

  3. Angela Breidenbach July 12, 2011 at 11:24 am #

    I think Ellery is right on with her open reveal on author income and statistics. With one book traditionally published and 2 self-published, I’m pushing ahead to continue to get work out in the market. Unfortunately, it’s tough to make a large income for the majority of writers. You have to market yourself, continue to write, work outside of writing, speak (which I love), and be a continual student of the industry. Somewhere in there, your passion keeps you going because the writing DNA isn’t curable. It’s melded into every fiber of a writer’s being. And then there’s still family commitments on top of all.

  4. Lenore Buth July 13, 2011 at 2:00 pm #

    Ellery’s article is a reality check for any of us who read articles about famous writers who make a bundle and the rare first-timer who surprises everyone.

    Perhaps it’s better to write something that never hits it big but goes on quietly selling. I wrote four nonfiction books, all published by our denominational publisher. Three of mine are out of print, only available used. The last went into its fifth edition in 2008, revised and updated as I always do. It’s part of a series of books for children of different age groups and mine is the parent’s book.

    It feels rather like I made an investment and it keeps paying dividends. Over the years the royalties add up, but I could never live on them. I’m blessed and thankful that this House thought it worthwhile to keep the Series alive.

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