News You Can Use – July 2, 2013

Penguin and Random House have officially merged into one entity known as Penguin Random House – Not, as I had thought, “Random Penguin” or “Penguin House.” Here’s the scary stats. They employ 10,000 people worldwide (that is where the earnings from your books go) and will publish 15,000 new books each year. That is nearly two books per hour, all year long. That is a big publisher.

Judge Rules Against Authors in Google Lawsuit – This lawsuit over Google’s attempts to digitize the world’s books has been stuck in court for years. Google offered a multi-million dollar settlement in 2011 which was rejected by the judge. On to the next lawsuit….

NPR Article on the Death of Google Reader – Today, July 1st, Google Reader was shut down. I chose to migrate to The Old Reader so I could continue to use my Feeddler Pro software on my iPad each morning. (It’s where I find most of the stuff for News You Can Use.) I tried at least 10 other RSS reader programs and didn’t like them (including the popular Feedly program).

3 Reasons Why Facebook Can’t Replace Your Author Website – Jane Friedman writes an important article! She is spot on.

4 Things Star Trek Can Teach Us About Writing – One of them is NOT “Live Long and Prosper.”

2 Responses to News You Can Use – July 2, 2013

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    Rachel Muller July 2, 2013 at 5:08 am #

    On the Penguin and Random House merger, this is a big deal. I worked for the Westminster, MD Random House warehouse for a few years in packing and shipping. The facility is HUGE! The amount of books that are produced and shipped by that company alone is amazing. I’m anxious to see the outcome of this merger and if the company grows further. Thanks for the articles and keeping us informed!! 🙂

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    Jennifer Major July 2, 2013 at 5:52 am #

    At least it wasn’t “Random Penguin House”. That sounds like a place where clueless penguins go, or a punk band from Guernsey.

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