News You Can Use – July 3, 2012

What Retailers Know that Publishers Need to Know – Mike Shatzkin analyzes the importance of data in what is truly the “Science of Bookselling.”

Your Hotel Bible is now a Kindle – This is a new one. Kindles in the nightstand in your hotel room with the Bible pre-loaded. Fascinating.

Using Evernote for Screenwriting – Brilliant adaptation of the Evernote software by Héctor Cabello Reyes.

The Incredible Resilience of Books – Peter Onos wrote a great article that the naysayers quickly skewered. Which side of the debate do you land on?

Thou Shalt Not Steal Shaun Groves Music – The artist makes a statement “If everyone stops paying for music, then music will stop being made.” Do you agree? Does it apply to books as well?

Solve Mysterious Bible Passages like Sherlock Holmes – Eric McKiddie writes a very clever article. Well done!

Be Your Agent’s Dream Client – Agent Greg Johnson tells it straight. (from the ACFW blog)

Bacon for Calvinists! (Thank you Kevin DeYoung)- see below:

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    Timothy Fish July 3, 2012 at 4:54 am #

    I think it can be said that if people stop paying for books then there will be no more books to read. Realistically, I think people stealing a product, such as books or music, results in things being done to make it more difficult for those stealing the product. Laws may change. Methods may be implimented to make it difficult to steal the product.

    I love the BACON graphic. I assume it was a non-Calvinist who came up with it. I can’t imagine someone would want to go around saying, “I’m a five point baconist.”

    Personally, I think Michael Levin at Huffington Post needs to go figure out what it means to beg the question before he uses the phrase. Especially in an article that I believe begs the question. I believe it is likely that traditional publishing will be around for a long time. It may have to make some changes, but I find it hard to believe that the best solution is for authors to publish anything and everything and let the market be the only means of quality control. I believe that publishers producing a superior product have an opportunity to make money, as do book stores that limit their selection to the books people want to read.

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    Peter DeHaan July 3, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

    Steve, as always thanks for the great links. Have a Happy Fourth of July!

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