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Enclave Publishing Has Been Sold!

Enclave Publishing, the premier publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy from a Christian perspective has been sold!

Many of you know of my love for the Speculative Fiction genre. In January 2014 I purchased Marcher Lord Press from Jeff Gerke. Later that year I re-branded the company as Enclave Publishing.

While my work as a literary agent has been my #1 full-time job, I carved out nights and weekends to be the owner of Enclave, overseeing nearly everything from idea to print. (I did secure some part-time marketing consulting and some day-to-day help from Thomas Umstattd and Margaret Stroud.) In addition, there has been considerable investment into the re-branding of the company, increasing the annual title output, and getting the books to market. It has long been my opinion that to take Enclave to the next level it would need a partner with deeper pockets and a sales and marketing team to focus on getting the books into the hands of more readers.

A case can be made that we have chosen some of the best writers in the genre. It has been a blessing to see the development of Enclave over these past two-plus years, but to really make this whole thing shine, it needs a new push. And so we have…

A New Owner

The new owner of Enclave Publishing is Gilead Publishing!

Last week I wrote at length about Gilead and their founding. They have the right vision to support all genres of Christian fiction and the right infrastructure and financial support to make a strong impact.

They desire to keep me a part of the process because of my love for the genre and the experience I bring to the ongoing publishing efforts (which only shows you can fool some of the people some of the time). Thus they have asked me, as a consultant, to be the Publisher for the Enclave imprint. I still get to set the vision for the imprint and acquire all new titles for Enclave. The name will not change; it will simply become an imprint of a larger entity (much like Bethany House is an imprint of the Baker Publishing Group).

(In case you are wondering, my work as an agent has not changed, it has never changed! That is still my main focus and full-time job. For all intents and purposes, nothing is different.)

The Net Effect

In practical terms, nothing will change on the acquisitions side of Enclave. The only difference is that the company is now part of a larger team to help move it forward. We will still plan on 12 or more new Enclave titles per year and now the production, sales, and marketing will be shared among people who have expertise in each area.

You may sense my excitement for the future of Enclave, and for the genre as a whole. This is something I’ve been hoping would happen in the Christian market for a long time. It is a dream come true to be a part of that!

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