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Fun Friday – March 12, 2021

Today’s Fun Friday asks you to write in the comment section!
(Gasp! Writers have to write? The horror!)

Dan Balow found a fascinating article about the 1891 census in the United Kingdom published in Spectator magazine. What made it fun were some of the unusual occupations given by those who were counted.

Stick polisher, owler, clod hopper, cowleech, slubber doffer, lum swooper, potato badger, and more! (Also listed was devil.) In case you were wondering, a “lum swooper” was a chimney sweep.

This made me want to ask all our readers, “What was your first job, other than doing chores around the house, for which you got paid?” or What is the most unusual job or job title you’ve had?” Please post your answer in the comment section below. FUN!

My first paid job was envelope stuffer at my dad’s office for a week. $1.80 an hour. Sat there with a half dozen others and stuffed envelopes all day. I thought I was rich!

Bored, but rich.

The next time you are able to gather with friends or acquaintances, use this question as an icebreaker.

Once you’ve answered, come back later and read the other entries. I’ll bet we’ll find that everyone has done something other than being a successful writer in their lifetime!

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