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Silly Saturday – February 29, 2020

Happy Leap Day!

Since this is an “extra” day I thought I’d provide a couple bits of trivia for you.

Did you know? …

When you open a physical book you have two pages. The left and the right. Those pages actually have names! verso and recto. Verso is the left hand page and Recto is the right hand page. This is commonly talked about in publishing production when communicating with a typesetter.

Printed books always begin on the Recto (right) page. Most non-fiction continues this with every chapter. But fiction has the freedom to start a new chapter on the verso page.

The title page is always recto.
The copyright page is always directly after that … verso.

The page number begins with recto. Since recto is always page one, your odd number pages should always be on the right hand side. I often see self published books that don’t do this. A sign of someone who doesn’t know the conventions of book printing.


The last “letter” in the alphabet used to be “and.” Back in the old days you recited the alphabet and ended it with “and, per se, and.”  This was later corrupted into the term “ampersand” and the symbol (&) we use today to indicate the word “and.” (To the right is a picture from an 1863 textbook showing the last “letter” of the alphabet.”)



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Fun Fridays – February 28, 2020

Language is a fascinating subject to study. The below infographic “50+ Fascinating Language Facts You Didn’t Know” is from (Click through to see a larger form of the graphic.) Isn’t it amazing that the Hawaiian language has 200 different words for rain? (Here is an article discussing it.) Enjoy!   …

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A Big Giveaway for Writers

Periodically, I like to let our readers know about some of the special things we are doing to help teach writers via The Christian Writers Institute (CWI). We love to see Christian writers learn, grow, and succeed in their craft. As part of that, CWI is offering you a chance to win a …

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Fun Fridays – February 21, 2020

In the 1960s, there were some unusual commercials that would have been widely enjoyed if aired during the current Super Bowl. Enjoy this one from Rice Krispies utilizing a famous opera. You’ll never hear the famous refrain the same way again! See more comments below after you watch the video. …

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Is Yours a Book or an Article?

The title question, “Is yours a book or an article?” comes up on a regular basis with nonfiction authors. Someone has lived an interesting life, survived a horrible disease, lost a precious loved one, suffered terribly (emotionally or physically) and feels led to write their story. But is it a …

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Where Is My Money?

Before I became a literary agent I had no idea how much energy this profession spent being a “collections agent.” Recently someone asked us the following questions (use the green button to the right to ask your question!):

What do you do, as an agent, when a publisher does not pay advances on royalties on time as per their legal contract?

What if a publisher is consistently late (months) saying they have cash flow problems and will pay when they can? Shouldn’t authors be able to count on getting paid the amount and on the date stated in their contract?

Is this common and is there anything that can be done or said regarding what seems to be a breach of contract?

This is an excellent series of questions. The full non-answer is “It depends.” Generally publishers are very good about making the payments according to contracted schedules. The above situation is much more dire and is a good reason to have an agent who know who to talk to inside the publishing house. There are ways to approach the situation that gets results, just remember, “Don’t Burn a Bridge.”

However, there are a few possible reasons that authors should keep in mind before getting impatient with a tardy paycheck.

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Fun Fridays – February 7, 2020

Be prepared for a jaw-dropping video. This is someone who follows their passion. I did think of a comparison to all writers. If each matchstick were a word, then 7.5 million words in 40 years is quite a few books. I suspect some of you have written that many. But …

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Astounding Amazon Statistics

Last week Amazon released their quarterly and annual sales and profit report. If you want to read the entire press release, you can find it at this link: Amazon Press Release.  If printed out it would be about 25 pages of financials. My notes here are to highlight a few …

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Fun Fridays – January 31, 2020

Today’s video was created in 2011. It is a fascinating look at things that have all but disappeared due to technological advances. (What makes this video even more incredible is that it is actually a book trailer.) The question for today is: What other things have disappeared in the last …

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