Bland on Facebook?

Recently I posted a photo of roses my husband had given me.

One of my daughters said, “Mommy, you know you’re desperate to be noncontroversial when you post a picture of roses.” She has also observed that part of my workday is posting “noncontroversial” updates on Facebook.

Guilty as charged.

But why? Why not be exciting on Facebook? Here’s why:

  • I try to represent my faith with my words. I’m far from perfect either online or in real life, but I can try. Posting a status certain to cause controversy can be a Christian act, but that is not the purpose of my Facebook activity.
  • I might embarrass myself!
  • I might embarrass you, my client. When I post on social media, I believe I represent more than myself (see #1). I represent my clients. I also represent The Steve Laube Agency. True, I’m talking about my personal Facebook page, but most of my Facebook friends see me as a literary agent and friend. I don’t want to risk my opinion being misconstrued as the opinion of my writers or the agency, even if the opinion is popular.
  • I want my Facebook page to brighten lives. Many people say that fighting on Facebook has annoyed and distressed them to the point of unfriending people. I prefer to be a day brightener, not an agitator.
  • No matter how innocuous the post, it might offend. If I post a mild gripe about businesses (such as the Post Office), invariably, someone who works there protests. And I can see why. With almost 5,000 friends, I find it difficult to post anything without causing someone distress. But I hope my Facebook friends can see my heart, and not take offense in case they disagree with me.
  • I recognize the power of words. For better or worse, once words escape our mouths or keyboards, it’s hard to retract them. At least with social media, we can be thoughtful and careful before posting.
  • I appreciate my Facebook friends. I enjoy interacting with my Facebook friends and usually learn from them whenever I post a question or comment. I want them to enjoy my posts, too!

Your turn:

Do you find “noncontroversial” Facebook posts too bland, preferring the excitement of verbal sparring?

Have you ever unfriended someone for posting opinions you didn’t like?

What type of posts do you enjoy?

What type of posts do you generally share?

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