News You Can Use – Sept. 13, 2011

How Fiction Changed After 9/11 – The Economist explores the topic.

How Long Does Your Shared Link Stay Viable? – This fascinating study by shows that if people don’t see your link within three hours, they never will. Sobering isn’t it?

Seven Deadly Sins of Self-Publishers – Darby Rae presents some sound advice.

Are You Wasting Time Checking the Amazon Rankings? – BookBuzzer describes a tool that alerts you only if your rankings go up…and a daily digest of activity. Wean yourself off your Amazon Rank addiction.

What Can C.S. Lewis Teach you about Writing? – Kevin deYoung writes this post about the writing life.

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    Freya October 4, 2011 at 2:19 am #

    Hi Steve

    Thank you for including our article on Amazon ranking in your list.

    Amazon Ranking can take up so much time and cause so much confusion too sometimes. You think your ranking has done up but this doesn’t always mean a sale. With our tool we hope to help authors track Amazon rankings with more ease.

    Author Community Manager –

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