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Beyond the Hook: Character Flaws?

My husband gave me a turquoise ring I enjoy wearing. For one, the stone was unearthed from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona, which has since closed. The location seems cool to me since our agency’s corporate headquarters is located in Phoenix. And since the mine is no longer in operation, the stone possesses special cachet. But more important, my husband likes the ring and wants me to have it.

But perhaps not everyone would have wanted this ring. Why? At first blush, the stone appears flawless. But closer examination reveals a visible matrix from the host rock. Rather than decreasing my enjoyment of the ring, however, I find the pattern fascinating. It adds interest. I often study it.

Likewise, a character who’s seemingly flawless might reveal, upon closer examination, a unique and intriguing matrix. I’ve been told by many readers that they don’t enjoy reading about two perfect people falling in love. Rather, eccentricities and flaws add interest and dimension.

Your turn:

Can you name a character who seemed perfect, but with flaws that added intrigue?

What flaw does your current hero or heroine display?

Are your characters’ flaws endearing, or aspects to be overcome?

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How to Ruin Beloved Characters

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Easily Entertained

Recently my husband, daughter, and I had dinner with my parents at King’s Barbeque in Petersburg, Virginia. My paternal grandfather discovered this restaurant in the 1950s and it is still one of our family’s favorite places. Since it was near Christmas, they displayed a unique decoration – a pig wearing …

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Why Some Readers Love the Antihero

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Nuance: A Key to Real-Life Characters

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Your Conflicted Characters

I am blessed to work with many talented authors with great ideas. Recently one of my clients, Renee Andrews,  submitted a wonderful chart outlining her characters’ conflicts. You may have seen similar charts before, but I especially like the way Renee laid hers out: [Character Name] INTERNAL EXTERNAL Goal — What? …

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