The Writing Life

Writing through the Fog      

You may have noticed I haven’t had a blog posted here since losing my dear dad a few weeks ago. I want to thank all of you for your kind expressions of sympathy and your encouragement. You blessed me a great deal. God has held me close, granting me wondrous touches of His kindness and peace. Though grief hits me at unexpected times—such as last night, while I was clearing off the kitchen counter where Dad always used to fix his meals—I have been amazed at the peace and joy sustaining me spiritually and emotionally.

But the one place I’ve really struggled these last few weeks is—you guessed it—writing. I have discovered it’s unbelievably hard to focus. A couple of times, when I sat down to write a blog, I closed my eyes to concentrate…and woke up hours later. The really frustrating part of this is that I have a lot I want to tell you! I’ve got a whole list of blog ideas just waiting to come to life. But when I try to get them on the page…

It’s not happening.

It finally occurred to me this morning that I’m not the only writer to struggle with this kind of thing. With not being able to focus, with feeling as though every word has to be snagged and extracted from the thick fog clogging the creative corners of her mind.

Of course, as I thought about the issue, I came up with some truly brilliant ideas <insert grin here>.  But before I share them, I want to know:

How do you write through the fog when it hits?

What tips and ideas can you share with me, and with the writing community, to help get the words out of our clogged-up brains and onto the page? I look forward to reading your thoughts!

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