Author Tamela Hancock Murray

A Dozen Things to Do While You Wait

Have you just submitted your New Year’s Resolution manuscript and now you’re waiting for a response?

Do you feel adrift?

Are you unsure what to do?

Then it’s time to launch another ship!

Years ago, I recall reading an article (probably in a writers magazine, and I apologize to the author and magazine for being unable to give proper citation now) suggesting that authors think of each project as a ship. While you wait for one ship to come in, you set another out to sea. If one comes back empty, send it out again. The vessels will sail back and forth until more return filled than unfilled, and you will be a success.

Or something like that. I read this article a long time ago. But the concept stuck with me so much that I think of it time and time again.

Need I remind you that publishing moves slowly? While you wait, consider engaging in one or more of the following suggestions:

  • Read in your genre to sharpen your sense of tone, plot, and voice.
  • Read different books to enlarge your world.
  • Read writing books to hone your craft.
  • Draft the next book in your series.
  • Write articles to send to magazines.
  • Author guest blog posts.
  • Write posts for your blog in advance.
  • Volunteer to judge a writing contest.
  • Volunteer to help with a writers conference.
  • Ask how you can help a local or national writers group.
  • Join a critique group.
  • Disengage and recharge.

Waiting is never easy, but waiting doesn’t have to be unproductive. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you many acceptance letters in the future!

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