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What If I Self-Published on My Way to Getting Focused?

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I self-published two ebooks on Amazon and Smashwords. They aren’t/weren’t meant for a wide audience, instead geared towards Christian parents/grandparents who love a heroin addict. 

Additionally, my online writing audience is growing.  Should mention of those sites be included?  Different materials from my ebooks.  One is a work-in-progress Christian Fantasy, the other, intended for those who need to heal from heartache written in the form of a children’s story.

Would any of these be submittable for traditional publishing, even though they are currently on the web? 

Thanks for asking! Many authors self-publish as part of their writing journey, so you are not alone in wondering how that decision affects your career today and where to go next.

A Niche Audience

I believe you were wise to self-publish your book for people who love a heroin addict. Although sadly, this drug seems to increase in popularity with each passing decade, as you pointed out, your target market is relatively small. May the Lord lead addicts to heal, and may He keep their loved ones in His tender loving care.

Publishing History

Always mention any publishing history in your proposal and offer the most current sales figures possible. Always show agents and editors everything right away rather than for one and all to be surprised later after stumbling upon a title online.

Publishing Books on the Web

When seeking a traditional publisher, I recommend pitching a new project. The book publishers we work with seek never-before-published works. However, since you are also planning to mention your books published online in your proposal, an editor can say, “Wow! I want to publish the book that’s online!” You never know.

Focusing on Genre

Right now, you sound as though you enjoy writing in a broad spectrum for different audiences. However, because author branding is so important, now is an excellent time to choose a focus. If you want to concentrate on Christian Fantasy, I recommend building your brand and credibility there while writing the novel. Plug into places where fantasy readers and authors congregate and make connections. Go to a conference or two that emphasize this genre. Make friends and have fun!

Your turn:

How did you find your focus?

What is your favorite conference for your genre?

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