Author Tamela Hancock Murray

I Have No Plans to Write That Book

Whenever I go out, strangers offer unsolicited compliments about some aspect of my appearance, usually my hair or clothing. From this fact alone, I might decide that people like my style. Perhaps I should write a book!

But aside from the fact I have no desire to write a style book, there are other reasons why starting this project doesn’t make sense for me:

  • I’m not well known outside of a few small circles.
  • I’m not sought after for photographs by the media.
  • I’m not a fashion model.
  • I have no special training or knowledge in fashion.
  • I have no influential friends in the fashion or beauty industries.
  • My style won’t work for everyone.
  • I don’t blog about style.
  • I don’t have any social-media outlets dedicated to being stylish.

For me, simply enjoying this part of my life is enough. If I decide to write nonfiction in the future, perhaps I’ll tackle another Bible trivia book!

Next week we’ll talk about authors seeking to be successful in nonfiction publishing.

Your turn:

What part of your life could you write a book about?

Do you have an interesting hobby that you might write a book about?

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