You Provide Our Audience!

In speaking with a friend recently, she commented, “I don’t understand why Icabod gets invited to every event. Everyone knows who he is, but no one likes him.”

I countered that, in attending every event, Icabod is providing a service. As an attendee, he is helping to make the party a success.

Our readers provide an audience. They are our bookwormish partygoers. And though Icabod may be clueless as to his unpopularity, we love our readers! We can publish book after book after book; but if no one reads our words, our books’ only benefit is to help us grow as writers and as people. Though growth is a noble goal, it’s not why writers want to be published authors. We want to attract and retain readers.

Who Is Your Audience?

“Audience” is a proposal element for a reason. Agents and editors want to know the reader the author visualizes. Adult women who love romance? Pastors seeking to start a new church? Teens who love fantasy? We need to know.


Once you discern your audience, tell us who they are. And tell us why this audience will read your book. Do your readers seek entertainment? Knowledge? A happy ending? Sermons? A history lesson? An understanding of a specific segment of people or a sense of place? Perhaps they seek a combination of these factors. Tell us why your book appeals to your particular reader and how your reader will benefit from encountering your words.

Invite Your Readers!

Social-media and newsletter stats, along with a list of speaking engagements (though they may be virtual at this point), show editors and agents how you invite readers into your world. The author who cares about their readers will be more likely to succeed than the narcissistic soul.

Thank You!

Thank you for providing our blog with a dedicated, thoughtful, friendly, and respectful audience. We write this blog for you, the writer seeking to gain knowledge of the publishing industry. Without you, our party would be a flop. The next time you see us, we’ll treat you to coffee.

Your Turn:

How do you find new authors?

What is your favorite way to stay in touch with an author?

What author(s) do you love so much you always buy their books? Why?

How can authors better reach their audience?

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