What Will You Read Today?

Reading at least a few chapters of a book is a worthy goal for each day. One app I have recommends a half hour of reading. Seems doable to me!

Since I have at least a thousand books in my collection begging to be read, I’m attempting to be discerning as to where I spend my reading time. To wit, I went to a public library book sale over the weekend and confess I was tempted by Kitty Kelley’s old biography of Nancy Reagan.

I know, from reading a few, that the biographies Kelley wrote are gossipy and thorough. She will find and interview the boy who hated you in first grade. You do not, I repeat not, want to be one of her subjects.

I thought, Do I need to learn about every sin Nancy Reagan ever committed and what every enemy thought of her? She’s passed away; and her era is history, however nostalgic we may be for the Reagan Years. I instead purchased 10 Things Jesus Never Said and Why You Should Stop Believing Them by Will Davis, Jr.

This choice doesn’t make me a good person. Buying any book at this point confirms that I am a severe book addict adding to my collection faster than I can read it. But at least I chose a short and intriguing volume.

My name is Tamela, and I am a book addict. Therefore, I refuse to discuss my trip to another bookstore and the four books I bought there later that same afternoon.

Your Turn

What book are you currently reading? Are you in the process of reading more than one book at any given time?

Other than the Bible, what book has inspired you the most in your personal life? What about your writing journey?

Other than the Bible, what is your favorite book of all time and why?


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