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A Ghostwriting Masterpiece

The Christian Writers Institute has just released a marvelous book by Cec Murphey, Ghostwriting: the Murphey Method. It is a wonderful look behind the scenes in how so many bestselling books are created.

Cec is the writer who helped craft many bestselling books including Gifted Hands by Ben Carson and 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper.

In the book he turns back the curtain and through dozens of stories helps you understand this industry even better. There are sample contracts he uses with clients. Ways to protect yourself. How to interview to get the real story, and more. For example, he helps distinguish between collaboration (the “with” writer on the cover of a book), co-authoring (the “and” on the cover of the book), and ghostwriting (where the writers name does not appear).

You might think this has no bearing on your writing career, but every scrap of knowledge in how things work will help you navigate the journey with confidence. Whether or not you ever plan to collaborate or ghostwrite a book, you could be working with or already have worked with editors, agents, and personalities. Find out how Cec has done it with so much success for so long.

Cec is one of the most beloved writers and teachers in our industry and has announced plans to “retire” at the end of this year. I see this book as a legacy of sorts.

I highly recommend this book to you. [Full disclosure, as the president of the Christian Writers Institute, I’m the publisher, so I’m somewhat biased. And I’m a long time friend of Cec’s. But I would not have published the book if I didn’t think it worthy.]

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