Fun Fridays – September 3, 2021

Todays’ video is both hilarious and sad because it pokes at the “look at me” nature of social media!

I laughed so hard the first time I watched it. (Which does suggest multiple viewings.)


Oh, and try not to make a similar connection to your writing life.. . . . ahem.

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Grateful for Workers

As we approach Labor Day this coming Monday, let’s pause for a moment of gratitude: 1.   I can read! According to Live Science, as recently as 2009, 14% (1 in 7) of American adults were considered illiterate. 14 Percent of U.S. Adults Can’t Read | Live Science Historically, women were less likely to …

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Should I Personalize My Query?

I’m frequently surprised by the things other industry professionals say. That could mean I’m still (and always) learning. Or it could be an indication that such people are much smarter than I am. Nah, that can’t be it. I was recently a tad nonplussed to see a fellow literary agent …

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How to Write a Book in 90 Days with Kristen Clark

Writing a book doesn’t need to be hard for many writers. All you need to do to write faster is learn how to get out of your own way. Our guest today is cofounder of Girl Defined Ministries and author of several books for young girls, including Girl Defined and Love Defined. Kristen Clark, welcome […]
You can listen to this episode How to Write a Book in 90 Days with Kristen Clark on Christian Publishing Show.

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Singing the Slushpile Blues

by Steve Laube

The unsolicited pile of proposals in my office (aka “the slushpile) taunts me every day.

“Come over here!” it says, tantalizing me with immanent possibilities. I say to myself, “Maybe it will be the next one I look at. That will be ‘The One.'”

I’ve been told that many of you enjoy hearing some of the offbeat letters or intriguing proposals I see. Here is a sampling from the past few months [typos included but some info is deleted to protect the writer’s identity]:

“I am seeking representation for my First book: … I have 17 more. This book could very well Save the World.”

“… is a polyphonic composition in which anti-hero…inner conflicts are given voice, subjected to contrapuntal treatment, and developed into an intricate narrative marked by a stunning climax.”

“Maggot … my inspirational Christian Literature fiction book”

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Fun Fridays – August 27, 2021

Today is a 10-minute video talking (rather rapidly) about a number of strange borders in the United States and how they came to be. Do any of you live near places like these? Is it a big deal in your community or only a conversation piece?I read of a library …

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Men Read Too

I first wrote about “Writing to Men” in this post five years ago. I still hold the same opinions about this issue, but today I want to take a different angle. One of the many factors explaining why more books are not read by men and more authors don’t write …

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But They Missed the Point!

Sometimes rejection letters reveal that the reviewer may have missed the point of an author’s proposal. Upon rejecting a novel: Dear Author: Thank you for your submission. However, we are not seeking memoirs at this time. Or, upon rejecting a book of satire: Dear Esteemed Academic: Thank you for allowing …

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Need Help Writing Your Pitch?

Today’s post is a bit of silly fun. Why not? We are nearing the end of summer and your kids may already be back in school. Need help creating the pitch for your book? It is a common thought that there is a formula for the pitch of a new …

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Fun Fridays – August 20, 2021

Enjoy the jump-rope talent of World Champion, Adrienn Banhegyi. Breathtaking! Do you see yourself as a writer jumping over various obstacles? Sometimes over and over again? But with each jump, the next one is “easier” and less of a challenge. But you have to start somewhere! (If you cannot see …

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