015 Behind the Publishing Curtain: Director of Operations

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Publishing is a mysterious process for a lot of writers, even authors who have been at this for a long time. So from time to time, we bring in publishing professionals to tell us about what they do.

Today we are going behind the curtain on the role of Director of Operations. Joining us today is Bradley Isbell. He is the director of Operations for Iron Stream Media and you can catch him doing CrossFit or heading to Walt Disney World when he is not on a mission trip to Zambia or the Dominican Republic.

Bradley, welcome to the Christian Publishing Show!

  • So what exactly do you do as Director of Operations?
  • Could you walk us through a typical day?  
  • What do publishers do in-house as opposed to working with vendors?
  • Can you tell us a bit about what a pub board meeting is like?
  • Tell us a little bit about Iron Stream Media. What kind of authors’ books are you looking for?
  • What is an imprint?   
  • How do imprints work?
  • Tell us about your new podcast.


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