How to Write Better & Faster With Plottr and the Snowflake Method

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As a kid, peanut butter was always paired with only one thing: jelly. The big discussion between the other kids was if your mom used grape or strawberry jelly. 

Then one day, one of my friends told me about a new candy that combined peanut butter with chocolate. How on earth could that be good? Then I tried it, and my life was forever changed. I had my first candy with peanut butter and chocolate, and it blew my mind.

Sometimes when two good things are combined, the result is something better than both of them separately. Which is why I am excited to see that Randy Ingermanson’s popular Snowflake plotting method of writing a novel is now part of Ryan Zee’s popular Plottr software. 

And to talk about it, I am joined by both Christy Award-winning author Randy Ingermanson and Ryan Zee of Plottr.

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