Planning Ahead

Conference season is coming to a close as we approach the holidays. Our local Lowes store had Christmas trees up last weekend. Does this mean I’m already too late for fall cleaning?

Because a budget of time and money is involved in considering whether to attend any conference, it’s not too early to think about your travel in 2019.

  • Don’t miss early-bird savings that conferences may offer. Another advantage to early registration is that if you’re asking for editor and agent appointments, early registrants often secure their first-choice appointments.
  • Consider your goals. Plan to attend the conferences that weigh toward your kind of writing. You’ll find conferences that emphasize fiction as opposed to nonfiction and books versus magazine articles. Some will offer writers a little of each. Choose wisely.
  • Know that conferences don’t tend to change radically. Many won’t post much information about faculty and workshops until fairly close to the conference dates. However, you can still choose to attend conferences based on last year’s program. If you would have benefited from the 2018 program, chances are you’ll benefit from the 2019 program.

I’ve only touched on the basics, but I hope this has encouraged you to think about and plan for the future.

Your turn:

Are you planning to go to a conference in 2019?

What do you look for in a conference?

What planning tips can you offer?

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