Free Webinar on Building Your Author Platform

Why write a book no one will read?

I have a theory that a book has no impact unless the book is read. But a book won’t be read until it is purchased. Even if it was given to you, someone bought it.

Thus the power of your words begin at the point of sale. In today’s world, that means the book has to be discovered. No matter how good your book is, if someone doesn’t know about it, they won’t buy and won’t read it. Getting the word out about your book doesn’t just happen. If you want to reap, you must first sow; and if you want to get the word out, you need a way to do that.

Industry veterans use the word “platform” to describe the size of an audience the author brings to the table. How many potential readers can your platform reach? Your platform is your ability to get the word out about your book.

The bigger your platform, the more people you can get to read (and talk!) about your book.

These days, authors need larger platforms to attract an agent and publisher. Many agents and editors will reject a project because of the author’s lack of platform.

Even independent (indie) authors need large platforms to get the word out about their books. There is just no getting around the need to get the word out about your book. Writing a great book isn’t the only factor.

Each day hundreds of new books enter a market already crowded by millions of existing books. Authors without a platform often get lost in the noise. Don’t let that be you!

Building a platform doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

If learning how to build a platform feels like an Internet-wide scavenger hunt, I have some good news!

Thomas Umstattd Jr. and I are hosting a free webinar this Friday all about how to start building your author platform. For the first half hour or so, Thomas will debunk the myths about platform building and share some key strategies. Then he and I will answer your platform building questions.

We did several of these type of Q&A webinars earlier this year and they were a big hit.

Webinar Details:

Be sure to sign up today and mark your calendar! We look forward to “seeing” you on Friday.

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