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Character Quirks

This blog is part two of six in a series designed to hone character development of protagonists in your fiction.

When on its own and free to be itself, my hair curves into waves that the Atlantic Ocean would envy. Prodigious effort must be made to tame it. That prodigious effort originates in the form of a professional blowout.

When trying to preserve a blowout, I have found that the perfect room temperature in which to slumber is 66 degrees. If I can sleep in this brisk temperature, all is well; and my hair stays presentable. Because my husband prefers my hair tamed, rather than wild, he’s willing to snuggle under a blanket or two to help me maintain a sleek style.

Not everyone is willing to sleep in a room this cold. But it works for me. Could I be a character in your book? Maybe.


Your turn

Does your main character have a quirk?

What is the reason for the quirk?

How does the quirk help the character live a better life or accomplish a goal?

Does the quirk keep the character from living a better life or accomplishing a goal?


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