Read “A Christian Reading Manifesto”

Last year David Steele created this document: “A Christian Reading Manifesto.” It bears review for those of us in the writing of books and those who believe in the power of reading said books.

Given the efforts of our secular culture to redefine words and their meaning, his statement “Reading Forces Us to Reckon With Words” resonated. I’ve often said, “People of words must be people of the Word.” As Steele writes, “So reading forces us to pay careful attention to words. Instead of condemning words, then, we celebrate words and affirm their importance to historic Christianity.”

Below are the subject headlines of the manifesto. However, I really encourage you to read the entirety of the work.

The Christian Reading Manifesto
1. Reading forces us to think
2. Reading cultivates discipline
3. Reading forces us to reckon with words
4. Reading fuels our minds and ignites our hearts
5. Reading helps us love God with our minds
6. Reading is essential for Christian growth
7. Reading builds humility

A Modest Proposal
1. Commit to reading
2. Set an annual reading goal
3. Read broadly
4. Read joyfully

I have two nonfiction books set as a personal goal to read in their entirety this year:
(1) Systematic Theology (second edition) by Wayne Grudem
(2) Providence by John Piper

Of course there are many more I’ll read, but these two will be wonderful mountains to climb.

A new book was released last month by Leland Ryken and Glenda Mathes titled Recovering the Lost Art of Reading (Crossway). It promises to be a future book of the month!

What book or books would you like to have in your completed pile this year?

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Gray Saturday

I wrote this many years ago and read it every Easter weekend as a reminder. May it speak to you in some small way.

Gray Saturday
by Steve Laube

Holy weekend is such a study in contrasts.

Friday is dark. Somber. Frightening in its hopelessness and pain.
I do not like Dark Fridays.
The nails bury themselves deep into my soul.
They become a singular stake through the heart of this sinner.
Piercing. Rending. Bloody.
Vanquishing this creature of the night who dares to follow his own way.
Christ’s death becomes mine.
The death I deserve.

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The Only Answer

Hope you had a blessed Christmas!

The last four weeks I have posted what was, in actuality, an Advent series. Note the key words in each post:


 The Christmas season is one that is full of family, fun, food, and friends. But under it all is the foundation of our joy. The answer to our greatest longing. Of course, saying there is an answer assumes there is a question. Finances, relationships, job, writing, family, church, and school all ask different questions.

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Is Your Glass Half Empty?

Over the decades it has been interesting to listen to and read the various pundits regarding the publishing industry. Typically those who spell out doom and gloom get the attention (fortifying the idea that “if it bleeds, it leads”). At the same time there is the optimist position which is …

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Edgy Christian Fiction

In Christian fiction, how do we balance keeping the message strong/not watering it down while still wanting to reach readers beyond Christian bookstores or churches? Thank you Carrie for a great question. This has been an ongoing discussion ever since Christian Fiction became a significant part of the publishing landscape in …

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Dark Friday

Contemplate the sacrifice. Contemplate the mystery. While you contemplate, listen to this instrumental piece called “Gethsemane” from Jeff Johnson’s album “No Shadow of Turning.” A new version of the piece can be found on Jeff’s album “Thin Places” You can listen to it at this link. Then please listen to …

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A Time for Lament

For a while we were able to rattle off the cities or the names of various people and incidents where someone died. Every place from Columbine to Sandy Hook to Ferguson to Fort Hood to Charleston to Orlando to Dallas to Nice. But now the litany has become too long …

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Theological Accountability Partners

Just because an author is a mature Christian, doesn’t mean they are immune from writing something containing shaky theology. In an effort to craft compelling phrases and stories, orthodox theology can sometimes be a casualty of creativity or even carelessness. Most often it is entirely accidental. I referenced this issue …

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