Thomas Umstattd, Jr. Joins The Steve Laube Agency

I am very excited to announce that Thomas Umstattd, Jr. has joined the agency as our newest literary agent.

We continually look for ways to increase the services our agency provides to current and potential clients. I have known Thomas for 12 years; and by adding him to our agency, we can expand our role in helping to maximize our client’s sales through his extensive experience in marketing, branding, and technology. Thomas’s strengths are his understanding of book marketing and what it takes to market yourself as an author. Our agency team has expertise in all facets of the industry: writer, bookseller, editor, marketer, agent, teacher, indie author, consultant, executive management, and publisher.

For many years Thomas helped authors build their websites via his Author Media company. When he was the marketing director for Enclave Publishing, their sales doubled in 18 months. He most recently was the marketing director for Fahrenheit Marketing, which focused on brand development for both corporations and individuals. He is a veteran podcaster with multiple ongoing shows, including the very popular “Novel Marketing” cohosted by Jim Rubart. He has also served as a board member for several nonprofits, including the Texas Alliance for Life. You can find out more on his personal website at

Thomas is a regular speaker and has spoken at dozens of writers conferences all over the world (including Scotland, Canada, and Hawaii). In addition, he also indie published his book Courtship in Crisis, using a successful Kickstarter campaign to launch it.

I am glad to add that he will also become the Vice President of The Christian Writers Institute.

He is married to Margaret, and they are expecting their first child this month! He will be working from his office in Austin, TX.

We will be eventually integrating Thomas’s insights into our regular blog schedule. Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

You can find a description of the kinds of proposals Thomas is looking for here.

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