How To Make Agents’ Blogs Work for You

We at the agency love it that so many of you come here every day and read what we share with you. And we do everything we can to ensure that what we share here informs, enlightens, and uplifts you brave souls navigating the publishing world. So last week, when I read some of the questions you’d like addressed, I thought I’d give you a tip on using this blog to its best advantage. And that tip is: Let Your Fingers Do the Searching.

As with many blogs, this site has a great search capability. So when you have questions about this world of publishing, consider starting your search in the upper right corner (next to the Twitter, Facebook and RSS symbols), by typing in some key words and seeing if we’ve addressed the issue in past blogs. (Steve tells me we have over 1,300 blogs on our site.)

Let’s take some of your questions from last week:

One person asked for advice for meeting with agents and editors. By searching for conference appointment, I found that Steve Laube addressed this in his blog on Sept. 12, 2010.

Another asked if it’s really necessary to go to writers’ conferences. I searched for writers conference, and found blogs about the hows and whys of attending conferences from Steve, Tamela, and me.

There was also a question about platform, and by searching for platform, I found a wealth of blogs from Dan, Tamela, and Steve on not just why a platform is needed, but how to go about being strategic in building one.

I will be addressing some of these questions more specifically in future blog posts, but as questions come up during your publishing journey, remember, we’re here to help. And a great first step in gathering knowledge and information is to let your fingers start the search for you here. And to let the wealth of information in all our blogs work for you.


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Bring the Books (What Steve Laube is Looking For)

“Bring the books, especially the parchments,” is a sentence in 2 Timothy 4:13 that has teased readers for 2,000 years. What books did the Apostle Paul want to read while waiting for trial? Theology? History? How-to? (Maybe a little escape reading? Pun intended.)

Another writer chimed in a while ago by saying “Of making many books there is no end.” (Ecclesiastes 12:12) And if we read the statistics he wasn’t kidding. 300,000+ published in the United States alone last year.

And yet there is an allure to the stories of great novelists and a fascination in the brilliance of deep thinkers. It is what drew me to the book industry in the first place having been a lifelong reader and a burgeoning collector of my own library.

I can safely say that the allure and fascination remains unabated. I’ve had and continue to have the honor and privilege of working with some of the finest minds and talented writers in our industry. The photo above is from my office showing every book represented by our agency. Hundreds of amazing books by amazing authors.

Meanwhile I am still searching for the next great story, the next great concept, the next great writer. So, to answer the question, “What are you looking for?” I will attempt to clarify a few things.

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