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Tell Us All the Gossip!

Sometimes writers hear wild, wild gossip about the industry. Sometimes that gossip is true. Sometimes it is not. Sometimes it is halfway true.

As your agent, I want to hear it!

You might say, “Wait a minute! Aren’t you a Christian agent? Doesn’t the Bible say not to gossip?”

Yes. And yes.

But I need to hear this gossip. Not because I love to gossip. I don’t. I don’t have time. For one thing, I have manuscripts (especially YOURS) to send to editors.

I need to hear the gossip so I can address it. I especially need to stop false rumors before they do terrible damage to personal reputations and businesses.

Because I have certain connections, I have the power to verify whether most gossip is true or false. Is one company buying another? Is a line within a company being discontinued? Is an editor leaving or staying? These are just some of the types of tidbits I am able to verify. Why? Because our agency has connections to the person in the know. Not a third party or person with an ax to grind, but the person who knows. Sometimes that person may be the president of a publishing company.

If you are an author with an agent and you hear a rumor about publishing, don’t spread it to your friends. Instead, please ask your agent if the rumor is true or false. Your agent is the best person to ask.  If you don’t have an agent, ask a friend who has an agent to ask his or her agent. This is the best way to stop false rumors.

Your turn:

Do you have a story about how healing took place after gossip happened?

What is the wildest publishing gossip you ever heard?

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